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Faq’s on How to Read Newspaper for RBI Grade B

When it comes to RBI Grade B preparation the most general tip offered by everyone and everywhere around the internet is Reading a good newspaper on a daily basis.

Newspaper reading is an important part of Self-learning strategies for RBI Grade B. It is beneficial for both the general awareness section in paper 1, Social and Economic Issues in paper 2. Along with the Current affairs editorial section of the newspaper is quite beneficial for English paper 2 as well as the English section in paper 1.

Thus, it is must to read at least one newspaper daily. Now the most important question arises and that is which newspaper to follow. Since RBI Grade B exam tests subjects like economy, business, finance it should be kept in mind to select a newspaper which widely focuses on these topics.

Aspirants can either read two separate newspapers (A general newspaper and one based on economy & business). Some of the most popular newspapers followed by RBI Grade B aspirants are The Hindu, The Indian Express, Economic times, Financial times, Live Mint, etc.

Because of the vast syllabus and so many newspaper choices, candidates may get confused while selecting the right newspaper for them. To ease the problem, we are here going to discuss some frequently asked questions by RBI Grade B aspirants.

Q1. Which is the best newspaper to follow for an RBI Grade B officer?

Answer: The Hindu is most followed newspaper in any competition exams including RBI Grade B officer. It is best known for the editorial section and thus aspirants preparing for Exams such as RBI where English Writing is tested, must consider reading The Hindu.

Q2. Why is newspaper reading compulsory for RBI Grade B, if I get organized GK notes from various websites?

Answer: Reading a newspaper daily is important as it not only focuses on GK or general awareness but also gives you a wider and detailed perspective of the recent happenings. GK notes are also helpful during RBI Grade B preparation but the newspaper also improves your writing skills which is beneficial in scoring during paper-2 English. Newspaper reading gives a person a generalized view and information about a certain topic unlike the magazine, which is often uni-directional. A student is expected to hold both positive and negative argument (for balancing out). This can be achieved by reading a good newspaper.

Moreover, Newspaper gives you a balanced and continuous report on a topic or recent happenings which is helpful for ESI paper 2 which we can’t cover just by reading general knowledge notes.

Q3. How can I read the newspaper effectively for the RBI grade B exams by reading only the important news?

Answer: Newspaper reading helpul in preparing a student for essay writing part as well as for interview too. Students are expected to read full news (especially sections like Nation, Business and Economy and Editorial) for exams like RBI Grade B. Keep a note of all the important facts and figures so that its easier to revise later. Focus on points that are important from RBI’s point of view for example RBI more focuses on economics and finance of the country rather than Stock market prices.

Editorial section should be read thoroughly without skipping anything. Focus on Social issues and measures taken by the government, new government schemes or change in government policies. It’s irrelevant to read crime and related news as they are not important from the examination point of view instead focus on news in international and news section.

Q4. Can I read only the Indian Express instead of business newspapers for RBI Grade B?

Answer: Yes, you can follow Indian express only. It has good quality content, and cover a wide range of topics needed for competitive exams like RBI Grade B. Indian Express also has a good editorial and covers important economic news daily. From an Interview perspective, Indian Express is a great newspaper as articles published in it have a high chance of being asked during the interview.

Q5. Which newspaper is best for the RBI grade B exam 

Answer: We recommend The Hindu as it has probably the best editorial section which is really helpful in English paper two for essay writing. Another great advantage of reading the Hindu is that you don’t need to read another or practice much for English paper 1 and economic and social issues. To be on the safe side one can always read a business newspaper along with The Hindu.

Q6. Do I need to study a business newspaper apart from The Hindu for the RBI grade B exam?

Answer: Although One Newspaper if read efficiently is enough for Grade B, there’s no harm in reading a business newspaper such as Economic times or Live Mint. If you have enough time you can go through both the papers or otherwise focus on the editorial of The Hindu and read other sections from Economic times or Live Mint.

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O7. Is it necessary to follow The Hindu For RBI Grade B. I have difficulty in understanding it.

Answer: We have come across such questions many times and although Most of the candidates have good English speaking and writing skills several students find the language of The Hindu a little bit complex. In such cases students can start off by reading The Indian Express for few months and later on switch to just the editorial section of The Hindu. As we have already explained reading just the Indian Express is also fine therefor there is no need to forcefully follow The Hindu.

Students who are doing self-study must go through the below self-learning strategies for RBI grade B in order to read newspapers effectively.

  • First of all, go through the RBI Syllabus and analyze clearly what topics are asked in the question paper. You need to do a detailed study of paper pattern and type of questions asked.
  • Choose a newspaper that best suits your understanding. As stated earlier some people understand particular newspaper well, so better read one for few weeks and then select that you feel best. We suggest you to go through The Hindu or The Indian Express.
  • Manage time for the business newspaper. It would be great if you consider reading a business newspaper such as ET, Financial times, Live Mint along with a general newspaper. In case you cannot read both at the same time, subscribe to e-newspapers so that you can read them whenever there is free time.
  • Maintain a notepad and write down all important details and facts related to general awareness into it. Apparently, you can keep cuttings of important articles in the same for future references and revisions.
  • Lastly, give at least an hour to the newspaper reading. Skip the crime and politics news (just read the headlines), focus on national and international news and business page. Give a quick glance to the sports section and read editorial section thoroughly.
  • Newspaper reading is an important part of Grade B preparation and therefore it must be done with utmost sincerity and dedication. Keep the above points clear in your mind before starting off your preparation.

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