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Complete Syllabus and Recommended Books for RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B is a dream exam for candidates aspiring to become an officer in one of the best central banks in the world. Before starting your preparation you must know the syllabus so that you could easily make your own study plan for the RBI Grade B Exam and complete RBI Grade B syllabus thoroughly.

Economics and Social Issues syllabus

Growth and Development

1) Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income

2) Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India

3) Sustainable Development and Environmental issues

Economic Reforms in India

1) Industrial and Labour Policy

2) Monetary and Fiscal Policy

3) Privatization

3) Role of Economic Planning


1) Opening up of the Indian Economy

2) Balance of Payments

3) Export-Import Policy

International Economic Institutions

1) IMF and World Bank

2) WTO

3) Regional Economic Co-operation

Social Structure in India

1) Multiculturalism

2) Demographic Trends

3) Urbanization and Migration

4) Gender Issues

5) Social Justice: Positive Discrimination in favor of the underprivileged

6) Social Movements

7) Indian Political System

8) Human Development

9) Social Sectors in India

10) Health and Education

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RBI Grade B Books (Economics)

  • Indian Economy: Uma Kapila.(Series of Books)
  • Indian Economy: Mishra Puri. (Latest Edition)
  • Growth And Development: Devraj Ray
  • Sociology: C.N. Shankar Rao

Recommended News Papers for RBI Grade B

  • Economic Times
  • Hindu
  • Business Standard

Important Reports and Publications

  • World Development Report
  • Economic Survey of India

Finance syllabus for RBI Grade B

Financial System

1) Regulators of Banks and Financial Institutions

2) Reserve Bank of India- functions and conduct of monetary policy

3) Banking System in India

4) Financial Institutions – SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB, etc.

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Financial Markets

Primary and Secondary Markets (Forex, Money, Bond, Equity,etc.), functions, instruments, recent developments.

General Topics

1) Risk Management in Banking Sector

2) Basics of Derivatives: Forward, Futures and Swap

3) Changing Landscape of Banking sector

4) Recent Developments in the Financial Sector, Portfolio Investment, Public Sector Reforms, Dis-investments

5) Financial Inclusion- use of technology

6) Alternate source of finance, private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership

7) Corporate Governance in Banking Sector, the role of e-governance in addressing the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector

8) The Union Budget – Direct and Indirect taxes; Non-tax sources of Revenue, GST, Thirteenth Finance Commission and GST, Finance Commission, Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM)

9) Inflation: Definition, trends, estimates, consequences, and remedies (control): WPI, CPI – components and trends

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Recommended Books for RBI Grade B (Finance)

  • An introduction to Economics – A W Stonier and D C Hauge
  • Monetary Theory and Public Policy – Kenneth Kurihara
  • Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri
  • Indian Economy – R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram
  • Economic Growth and Development – Mayer and Baldwin

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Management syllabus for RBI Grade B


1) Its nature and scope

The Management Processes

1) Planning, Organisation, Staffing, Directing and Controlling

2) The Role of a Manager in an Organisation.


1) The Tasks of a Leader

2) Leadership Styles

3) Leadership Theories

4) A successful Leader versus an effective Leader

Human Resource Development

1) Concept of HRD

2) Goals of HRD

3) Performance Appraisal

4) Potential appraisal and development

5) Feedback and Performance Counselling

6) Career Planning

7) Training and Development

8) Rewards

9) Employee Welfare.


1) Morale and Incentives

2) Theories of Motivation

3) How Managers Motivate

4) Concept of Morale

5) Factors determining morale

6) Role of Incentives in Building up Morale


1) Steps in the Communication Process

2) Communication Channels

3) Oral versus Written Communication

4) Verbal versus non-verbal Communication

5) upward, downward and lateral communication

6) Barriers to Communication

7) Role of Information Technology

Corporate governance

1) Factors affecting Corporate Governance

2) Mechanisms of Corporate Governance

Recommended newspapers for RBI Grade B

  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express
  • Tribune
  • Business Line
  • Economic Times
  • Business Standard
  • Mint

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Recommended magazine for RBI Grade b 

  • Business India
  • Yojana
  • Kurushetra
  • Economics and Political Weekly (EPW)
  • Economists

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