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Most Probable Essay Topics in Banking and Finance for RBI Grade B 2019

Paper 2 English of RBI grade B is the only descriptive paper in Grade B exam. It comprises of an Essay writing, Precise Writing, and Comprehension. It is important to practice for English writing paper beforehand since it tests a candidate writing ability comprehensively.

It’s easier to prepare for essay topic on banking and finance as topics collide with the ones in economic and finance management for RBI grade B. It is advised to read detailed articles in newspapers and magazines related to banking, economy and finance.

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RBI Grade B preparation strategy tips for Paper 2 English Essay Writing.

  • Practice writing on the keyboard each time you solve a question or paper for English. Candidates need to work on their writing skills in order to be able to complete the paper on time. You should practice error-free writing so that less time is lost in proofreading.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes, indeed this is a very important deciding factor thus it is suggested to work on your grammatical skills beforehand. Aspirants could go through High School Grammar by Wren and Martin to clear off their concepts.
  • Avoid Bookish language. A good vocabulary is always a plus point whereas overdoing it and excessive stuffing of complicated words may result in poor writing. Keep your tone of writing simple yet elegant.
  • The introductory and conclusion para are the most important part of an essay. Make sure you work hard on them.

Let’s take a detailed look at the writing method.

Topics Related to NPA.

  • NPA crisis in India and will project sashakt be able to solve it?
  • IBC 2016: NPA problems
  • NPA and its impact on the economy
  • Stressed assets have adversely affected the Indian banking system. How to resolve?

The above topics are could be commonly asked ones in the RBI grade B exam. Let’s take a look on how to write on these topics.

Introduction-Start by introducing NPA, the first para should be clear introduction defining NPA. Briefly state the issues by NPA and their effects.

Body-You can write according to the topic and add or subtract relevant details, keeping in mind the first topic:

  • Sashakt will consolidate stressed assets to different classes which will make it easier to solve NPA crises.
  • ARC’s will improve cash conditions of bank and asset management companies responsible for the turnaround of an asset resulting improvement of cash conditions.
  • You can also write about or compare with other schemes such as the role of IBBI and comparison between the two.

Conclusion– Write a positive conclusion taking into consideration the question asked and the details you wrote in the essay.

Topics related to Demonetization

  • Demonetization and its effects
  • Has demonetization been able to curb black money?
  • Impact of Demonetization on financial sector

Introduction– This para should include about the start of demonetization, when did it was implied, give brief outline of the reason for demonetization.

Body– Include the main purpose and objective of demonetization. Your point on view on the objectives of demonetization and how well it had been able to achieve. Effects on government, banks and finance sector of the country.

Conclusion– Include how it could have been better and the positive impacts of demonetization.

Miscellaneous topics

  • UPI and its impact on digital India program – One of the prominent effects of Demonetization was Cashless banking and UPI. UPI transactions see a rise of 30% in September 2018 and it is expected to keep on increasing.
  • GST and its effects on Indian Economy – One of the most prominent steps taken in the field of indirect tax reforms is GST. It will lead in a faster economic growth as well as a clearer VAT eliminating cascading effects of taxes.
    Review of India’s foreign trade policy 2015-2020-The latest report on midterm evaluation of Foreign trade policy brings a relief to exporters as it will boost export and growth of Micro small and medium enterprises.
  • Merger of Public Sector Banks– Is the decision of merging Public sector banks is really a good idea? It is said that problems of NPA and Capital requirement would be solved to some extent.
  • Role of payment banks in Indian Banking System– These new model banks conceptualize y RBI are aiming to promote digital and cashless banking in India. It has a major role in financial inclusion.
  • Digitization and its role in Inclusive development – Talk about the importance of digitization and related inclusive growth. Classify the importance in financial inclusion (monetary accessibility), social inclusion (such as Digital apps, banking reforms, GST), and government inclusion. Digital India programs and Digital monitoring programs.
  • Fugitive Economic Offender’s Bill– An effective tool to combat bank frauds- Will the fugitive Economic offenders bill be able to address the issue of black money and bank frauds effectively? Why this bill was introduced? This bill addresses as criminal prosecution rather than civil and thus will boost the confidence of investors in the banking system.
  • Can Jan Dhan Yojana achieve financial inclusion? – Financial inclusion and development of the poor. Provides easier access to banking sector such as bank account, credit card, pension, etc. Although it is noticed that many accounts are inoperative but the real beneficiary i.e. the poor and illiterate section of the society are able to move a step forward and that’s a win, right
  • What improved India’s rank in Ease of Doing business? -A rent jump in the position of India had been notices in EOD. The main reason is inclusion of various reforms in banking and finance which resulted in easier trade across borders.
  • The bright side of inflation – Inflation has its own positive sides from increasing capital flow to economic productivity. The country has raised rates twice this year to quell rising inflation expectations. Has RBI Consistently over-estimated Inflation in its forecasts?
  • What are the expected impacts of weakening of rupee on Indian Economy? – Weaker Rupee is a great cause of concern as it makes import costly making wider implications. It will also increase domestic inflation
  • Has RBI’s Ban on Bitcoin Killed the Future of Cryptocurrency in India? – The blockchain is the technology of future and will usher in decentralization, trust and accountability in business. RBI’s technology research unit, known as Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is also finding out how blockchain can be leveraged by the Indian banking and financial sector through workshops with bankers, regulators, academicians and technology partner.
  • Reforms in FDI Policy– A number of reforms came up during the second year of Modi government in various sectors including Insurance, Pension Sector, Defense, Construction, etc.
  • Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme, 2018 – This reward scheme is aimed at encouraging people to give information about benami transactions and properties as well as income earned on such properties by such hidden investors.
  • Initiative for MSME Sector and its effects on EOD– A number of initiatives have been taken to support MSME’s to accelerate the growth of industries and eventually prepare them for exports.

Paper 2 English of RBI grade B is a scoring subject. With proper guidance from an online coaching for RBI grade B, it is easier to score. Proper RBI grade B preparation strategy involves practicing, mocks and discussions. provides a platform for better understanding and guidance for Grade B.

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