Whether Coaching or Self Study for RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B is one of the most prestigious exam in the banking sector. Since the aspirants are from various backgrounds there is a cut-throat competition among the candidates.T he preparation should be of next level to compete and clear the exam. Many people find it bit difficult to decide whether to join coaching classes or prepare by themselves. In my opinion, this exam does not need any coaching, if you are willing to put in efforts from your side. Determination and hard work is most important.

Whatever material is required for preparing for the exam is either available for free on the internet or costs much less than the fees charged by coaching institution. Self -study can be done, after collecting sources of all the required information.  The coaching institutes do provide guidance and practice but not guaranteed selection. They contribute about 50% to the preparation, the rest depends upon you and how much effort you put in. Knowing the exam syllabus and planning accordingly is the primary step that should be taken. Make a timetable so as to cover all the subjects and the important topics in that. Make sure that you devote a little bit more time to topics which you feel is tough for you. Few things required to be kept in mind when doing self -study is that –

  • Understand the RBI assistant exam pattern
  • Get all study materials along with mock papers
  • Outline a proper study plan
  • Attempt sectional and full-length mock tests
  • Analyze mock tests, identify weak areas and focus on them more
  • Note down important quant formulas and grammar rules.
  • Revision is must before the exam.

From these inputs, you should decide the following three things-

  • The order in which you will be attempting the different sections of the exam.
  • The time you will be spending on each section.
  • A number of questions you will be attempting in each section.

Self Study for RBI Grade B

When you do self- study you get time to analyze yourself better than any other. You get to identify your own weakness and work on them. It is a kind of exam that needs self- realization, introspection and self- development. You may feel pressurized initially after seeing the syllabus but a proper study plan will reduce the burden.

I would like to suggest that you can break your preparation in three parts

  1. Ground for a prelims-2 month
  2. Ground for a mains-2 month
  3. Revision -one month

Now let me put some light on the preparation strategy to lighten your work

  1. General Awareness
  2. English Language
  3. Quantitative Aptitude and
  4. Reasoning

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General awareness preparation for RBI Grade B

RBI general awarenessYou can only succeed if you read a newspaper daily. If you are not doing so, please start. Most of the questions will be from the last 2-3 months current affairs before the exam. Other than that you can also read a few general knowledge books.

English language preparation for RBI Grade B

English language preparation for RBI Grade BThis section can be divided into three parts

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension and speed reading

First and foremost your vocabulary must be very strong and vast. So for vocabulary development select a few books that would help you do so. Coming to grammar, you should have a strong hold on English in order to solve questions related to sentence correction. Tenses, articles, verbs, adjectives etc. should be clearly known.

Last but not the least we are coming to comprehension. In order to have a good grip over the reading comprehension section of exam, your reading speed must be decent. It can be improved by extensive reading of newspaper, books, and articles over the Internet. More reading of books will help you have a good grasp over English.

Quantitative aptitude preparation for RBI Grade B

Quantitative aptitude preparation for RBI Grade BThis is the section which most candidates find it difficult to answer. As far as Quant is concerned speed matters a lot also, it should be done with complete accuracy. If you are weak or average in quant then it is suggested that you devote more time to it. You can attempt maximum questions and manage to clear the cut off when you give more time.

Try covering up the following topics to excel in order to excel in certain sections.

  • Revise the committees formed by RBI and their recommendations.
  • All the schemes should be thoroughly mugged up.
  • The new plans and roles of RBI must be well prepared.
  • Revise economic terms and abbreviations.
  • Revise the current affairs of the last six months.
  • Divide all the topics according to your interest and study accordingly.
  • The golden rule is –Must practice the GA section of all the exams conducted by RBI.
  • Your reasoning ability must be strong enough. It tests your analytical and logical reasoning skills i.e, your ability to interpret data and information given in the form of puzzles, brain teasers or clues and sort it to arrive at a meaningful outcome. It does not generally test conceptual or theoretical knowledge but requires a lot of practice of different question types.

Here are a few important tips for preparation in last month.

Practice & only practice– Practice makes a man perfect, so make it a habit to practice questions daily.

  • Try to solve practice paper sets with a stopwatch and analyze your performance and scores. Do practice concepts of each and every section.
  • Try to practice 3 full-length tests.

Take mock tests seriously– Mock tests are the best way to check your performance.

  • Try to solve at least 2 question papers daily as it will help you find any difficult areas in the test papers that you have covered and need revision.
  • They also help you increase your speed in solving the paper, along with smooth and easy movement across sections.

Focus on time management– The main weapon to crack the exam is proper time management.

  • Time management and question selection are the two aspects which are a part of every RBI Grade B exam.
  • Keep a stopwatch while you are solving the paper.
  • Make sure that you do not remain stuck on any question and focus on going through all the questions in the sections at least once.
  • Fix time while attending papers.

Focus on speed and accuracy– speed and accuracy is important for clearing the exam. Especially to perform well in maths and reasoning papers.

  • Choose the easier section like reasoning to finish your paper with more speed.
  • Don’t get stuck on a single question as it will reduce your speed so if you are not able to solve it within 1minute then move on to the next one.

At last, stay motivated, have the commitment to clear the exam.C commitment to serve the nation, where your decisions will have an impact on the financial sector. It is said that books are man’s best friend so reading more number of books will surely help you and take you a step forward in your preparation.

For recorded material, Visit online study material and test series for RBI Grade B page.

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