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How Online Coaching Will Help You in UGC NET

UGC NET is an exam conducted twice a year on behalf of University grants commission. This exam is conducted to check a candidate’s credibility as a lecturer and knowledge about a particular subject.


With a limited number of seats and high competition, UGC NET is one of the toughest exams in the country. To get ample success in the exam you need work differently than other competitors.


UGC NET Exam consists of two objective papers. Paper 1 is common to all and is mainly focused on a candidates’ teaching and research aptitude. The syllabus is limited but one must practice diverse questions on teaching and research aptitude.


UGC NET Paper 2 is designed in such a way that it tests a candidate’s knowledge of a particular subject in an extensive manner. Because of the vast syllabus of this paper, most of the times it is tough for students to cover each topic. Furthermore, the syllabus given by UGC is extensive i.e. only the outline of a particular topic is given thus sometimes candidates waste their time on reading irrelevant topics.


Also, just like that sometimes candidates miss out important topics that are not exactly prescribed in the syllabus. It is said that self-study is the best study but you know what’s even better? Self-study with UGC NET online course.


There are many benefits of joining an online course and not only for UGC NET but for any competitive exam. UGC NET online coaching can be most helpful in paper 2 preparation.


While preparing for paper 2 of UGC NET a candidate needs to go through all the textbooks from their graduate and post graduate course. By doing so one may end up with a pile of 20-25 books. Most probably candidate will get confused from where to start studying and what to study because of the vast syllabus.

Benefits of joining Online course for UGC NET

Compiled Theory Notes:

“Smart Work is more necessary than Hard work”.


Suppose you are spending like 10-12 hours on study reading hard but another person studying only 5-6 hours clears the NET Exam and you can’t. Obviously, you might have better knowledge but to clear and score in any exam you need to study according to the questions asked in the paper.


In our online course we would be providing compiled notes made from top educators and IIT/IIM Qualified faculty.

  • Compiled theory notes of all the topics
  • Video lectures/ classes
  • Previous year solved papers
  • Practice questions for all the topics
  • Test series including Unit tests
  • Mock tests
  • Discussions and forums


Advantages of having theory notes

Now while self-study you might not know what topic is important and what is less important, which topic you need to study in detail, etc. These are the common problems that a student faces while self-study. By having a compiled note, you need not worry about it.


UGC NET is one of the toughest exams with a high competition. This year around 11 lakhs students are going to take this exam. To stand out in the crowd you need to utilize your time effectively. Instead of wasting your time on making notes of each topic from the book go through each topic from the provided theory and make summarized notes for revision later on. You can always refer to books for topics that you feel are more important and tougher.


Video Lectures/Classes

For UGC NET preparation one needs to study lots of standardized or people may commonly call “scholarly” books. Online course students need not to waste their time in searching for them too.


All the important topics that are not described in syllabus are explained in these video sessions. High qualified teachers with sole experience in the same field will be providing video lectures.


Previous Year solved papers

UGC aspirants already know the importance of previous year solved papers. Often people try downloading previous year papers but in some cases such as less popular subjects of humanities and language candidates find it difficult to arrange for previous year papers.


For any NET aspirant, it is must go through previous year papers at least twice with in-depth analysis.


Practice tests

When you are done studying everything from the theory notes, video lectures and previous year papers, practice is all you need. You need to practice problems which could be expected in the paper. The question pattern should be similar. Our scholarly books do not contain MCQ problems so where to find them?


With online program you would be getting unit tests comprising of MCQ’s which could be expected in the paper. These Questions have been framed by Experienced teachers, analysts and researchers.


Test Series and Mock Tests

For a candidate to know how well he/she is prepared for the exam, they must join a test series. Test series are must for every competitive exam. Students can evaluate themselves and work on their weak points by analyzing their results.


Mock tests help students get familiar with the exam environment making them confident before the exam. Candidates develop skills like time management and paper attempting strategies during Mock tests.


Discussion and Forums

Another important factor of online classes, a candidate may discuss their doubts and queries with fellow candidates. In discussion forums there is always something new that a candidate learns.


Students having any doubt would get live solution and support from teachers.


Few more advantages of Online Classes

  • Study with the ease of your home: Most of the competitive exams are taken by graduate students who are already working. Now along with a job it is highly unlikely for a candidate to join some offline course and attend it daily. By choosing online classes one can learn at the ease of home.
  • Learn anytime anywhere: With online courses you don’t need to get to your scheduled time and study. One can learn anytime they get free time whether in the office or college.  E-books/ Video lectures and live classes make study easier and more convenient.
  • Lesser Cost: Online courses have generally low budget than classroom courses. Moreover, one can save lots of time and money in transportation.
  • Pace up your study: People from different backgrounds apply for UGC NET and joining a classroom course may disturb their lifestyle and routine. Candidates can schedule their study according to themselves. Flexible study hours make online courses a great success for candidates.


Candidates need to be selective while joining any online course. We at xamnation will be providing you with live coaching and the best study material from expert faculty. Even if a candidate does not want to get enrolled in any coaching course one must always buy test series from online platforms.

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