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How Can You Prepare UGC NET on Your Own

UGC NET is a national level exam conducted by NTA twice a year to select deserving candidates for the post of assistant professor and Junior research fellow or both assistant professor and JRF. IF you wish to clear this exam with NET-JRF hard work and dedication is must.

As we already know that UGC NET is an exam which is made to test a candidate’s teaching and research skills along with their knowledge into the subject of their specialization. Since this paper tests in depth analysis of a person’s knowledge the syllabus for the paper 2 (Subject paper) of UGC NET is quite vast.

To be successful in this exam it is must to plan a strategy and work accordingly. The syllabus is vast and so it’s better to give in as much time as you can.

UGC NET preparation strategy

Building up the strategy

So, the first thing an aspirant need to do is to develop a strategy plan for preparation. Now the question is how should you make your study schedule?

Well, first of all make a time table and schedule your daily activities. Give 5-6 hours daily (I am assuming you have 5-6 months for preparation here). Once you have maintained a schedule you need to follow it daily.

Getting familiar with the exam

ugc net syllabus and pattern

A candidate must know the paper pattern and syllabus. Download the updated syllabus and paper pattern and go through it carefully. Now while going thorough the previous year papers to know about paper pattern don’t forget to note down which topics have maximum questions and how frequently they occur.

Once you have got the basic idea of paper pattern and syllabus you need to allot time for each subject. Schedule limited time for each subject and try completing the subject within given deadline. Now that you know the syllabus, it’s better to work on the tougher subjects first and leave the easy ones for later.

Allot about a week or so and try completing that topic in the given timeframe.

Paper 1: Paper 1 of UGC NET contains 50 compulsory questions. The paper will consist of 10 different topics having equal number of questions i.e. 5 questions in the question paper.

It is highly advised to candidates to prepare for this paper thoroughly so that overall score increases. It’s easier to score as it is a common paper to all.

Have a look at detailed analysis and preparation tips for UGC NET Paper 1.

  • Break down the syllabus by allotting separate time frame to each section. In paper 1 teaching and research aptitude are the hardest and most important part as these are for testing the sole purpose of the post of lecturer and research fellow.
  • Candidates can go through guide books of Trueman and Arihant for UGC NET Paper 1. After studying the contents from these two books candidates should move on to detailed analysis of questions. Solve 10-12 previous year question papers and study in detail about each question asked.

Note: Studying each question of previous paper is must as the syllabus of the paper remains the same only the angle of questions changed thus one must know all the aspects of a particular topic.

Once you have completed these things you should start studying for paper 2.

Paper 2: Paper 2 Of UGC NET consists of 100 questions carrying 2 marks each. The question paper is objective in nature.

Preparing for paper 2 is a tricky part as the syllabus is vast irrespective of the subject. It basically contains all those topics that a candidate studies in their UG and Master’s course.

  • The first step again should be analyzing the question paper. Make detailed notes of topics that are important from previous papers and topics that seem to be the hardest.
  • Once it’s sorted out again allot each topic a particular duration of time.
  • It is well known that not one book could be sufficient for UGC NET therefore candidates need to study all the books that they studied during their masters. Here, a candidate should note that since they have to read a whole lot of books, they must know to plan their study smartly.
  • Do selective study of only the relevant topics, topics that had been previously asked in the paper and mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Don’t forget to make your own summarized notes of each topic so that it’s easier to revise. Once you are done with the text books move forward to previous year papers and study them carefully.

Note: Remember don’t go for scholarly books with tough language. It’s better to choose the book that you studied during your graduation years with easier tone of language.

The next step should be solving questions, for this take help from guide books of your particular subject for UGC NET available in the market. Solve questionnaire present at the back of each chapter. It is must for you to do it.

Time for revision

If you have been following this strategy you must have completed your syllabus for both papers. For grasping of knowledge revision is must. Revise from your hand made notes each section carefully. Solve again the previous year papers and read about the related topic.

Practicing and testing

Practice makes a man perfect. Indeed, it is true, your success and failure in this exam depends on the amount of time you spent on practicing questions. Go for question banks, sample papers first. Furthermore, take online mock tests provided by various coaching institutes. Also, a candidate may take mock tests provided by NTA at various test centers.

Analyzing your test results is must as it helps in determining your weak points and also working on your time management skills during the paper. Make sure to make a pattern to follow during paper solving taking into consideration your strongest and weakest points.

Before the exam

After months of preparation the finale day is here. It is a crucial time as you need to maintain your calm and composure.

  • Revise only through notes. Do not read anything extra at the last moment.
  • Go through formulas and tricks for mathematical portion.
  • Have a goodnight sleep before the paper.

 Well done, you have qualified UGC NET. Wasn’t it easy? If you have the right amount of dedication and time management you can easily clear this paper. Follow the above schedule and tips to score excellent in UGC NET exam.

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