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Are air strikes an effective deterrence against Pakistan?

After the post, Pulwama attack on CRPF conveys where CRPF jawans killed by JCM terrorist. In response to this India launched the airstrike in Pakistan and Balakot area on the terrorist training camps in Pakistan.

Cross borders terrorism supported by Pakistan has a huge impact on Indian security in Kashmir and the rest of India. E.g. URI attack, 26/11 attacks, recent Pulwama attack etc.

Over the last decades, India focused on only using the counter-terrorism measures through foot military operations along the LOC and restricted itself by not using airstrikes as a measure for counter-terrorism operations. The reasons for not using the airstrike as an option because it may escalate the tensions between India and Pakistan by using all force, lack of political will to carry operations due to risky nature of airstrike and also due to the defensive policy of India by not focusing on offensive strategies to counter-terrorism.

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Recent airstrikes in breakout areas have establishes an affective took of deterrence in dealing with cross borders terrorism in the following ways –

  • It focused on the training camps of terrorisms and its precise strikes in the area with no civilian countries proved it as an effective tool.
  • It gave a message to Pakistan; India can undertake all strikes Pakistan is not able to control terrorists in their soil.
  • The successful airstrikes and the mounting presence on Pakistan by other countries to act on terror may provide an opportunity to Pakistan to act as terror.

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However, airstrikes may escalate the tensions between two countries, so it has limited value, so focus should be on strengthening our forces to counter-terrorism, sustained diplomatic pressures on Pakistan to act on terror it takes ensured by India b cooperating with other countries, ensuring inclusive growth in India to prevent radicalism. So, airstrikes can be an option in countries terrorism operations with a strategic plan along with intelligence gathering.

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