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Economics Paper Analysis-NTA NET 2018

UGC NET Exam is the basic eligibility criteria for entering in the education industry and it acts as a minimum qualification for Assistant Professorship. Also, the creamy layer gets to avail the benefit of Junior Research Fellow (JRF). This exam was conducted by from 18th December 2018 till 22nd December 2018 by NTA (National Testing Agency) in online mode for various subjects.

Basic structure of the paper

Session Number of Questions Marks Time Duration
Paper 1 50 100 1 Hour
Paper 2 100 200 2 Hour
Total 150 300 3 Hours

Paper 1 is the same for all the subjects.

Paper 2 is a subject-specific paper. In this Article, Economic Paper is analyzed.

Economic Paper Analysis

For Economics the pattern was quite similar as in the previous exams. Below graph gives the basic structure for Paper 2. It gives a detailed structure of weightage of different subjects in the paper.

Section wise Segregation of Questions

C++ got the OOP features from Simula67 Programming language. See detailed list of interview questions on pointers.

Important Topics

Category Average Number of Questions Asked Important Topics Difficulty Level
Macroeconomics 17 IS-LM, Multiplier, Cobb Douglas production function, Keynesian model, monetarism and Moderate
Growth and Development 17 Theories of shumpeter, Technological dualism, balanced Growth, harrod model Moderate to difficult
Indian Economy  12 Policies and Committees,

Nobel Prize winners and their topics,

Union Budget and share of deficit, India’s export pattern and structure, GST, SRS bulletin highlights, Minimum Support Price, National Rural Health Mission

Public Finance 11 Musgrave theory, Peacock Wiseman hypothesis, public expenditure, progressive tax. Easy to moderate
Money and Banking  10 Elasticity of demand for money, money multiplier, measures of money, repo rate, Moderate
Statistics and Econometrics 10 Regression, autocorrelation, simultaneous equation, stationary, time series, index numbers, dummy variables Moderate to difficult
Microeconomics  10 Cost, Production, law of variable proportions, Pareto optimality, opportunity costs Moderate
International Trade  8 Trade openness, devaluation, competitive advantage, Balance of payments, Round Tripping Easy to Moderate
Agriculture 4 Insurance, crop patterns, production Easy
Probability 1 Probability Easy

Indian Economy

Indian Economics is the most dynamic part of the paper, the major question is asked related to the following reports/topics:

  • Policies and Committees
  • Nobel Prize winners and their topics
  • Union Budget and share of deficit
  • India’s export pattern and structure
  • GST
  • SRS bulletin highlights

Major takeaways from this paper for future NET aspirants

  • The practice of Empirical questions for Microeconomics related to Pareto optimality.
  • Early preparation of statistics and Econometrics.
  • Major focus on growth theories of Development as almost majority of questions are from that domain.
  • Reading of recent issues of SRS Bulletin and budget
  • Awareness of recent policies and committees related to GST, National Rural Health Mission, and other Indian economic issues is important.

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The overall difficulty level of the question was moderate this year.

The general pattern observed in this paper was that a lot of questions were quite direct and the level was easy to moderate especially for topics related to Indian Economy and Agriculture. Questions related to microeconomics and Pareto optimality had few questions which were indirect and empirical in nature. The general trend of questions in statistics and econometrics call for early preparation for this subject.

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