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Do we need state regulation of live-in relationships?

Recently, the Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission has demanded the central and state government set down eligibility criteria cohabitation arrangements.

Live-in Relationship

  • Live-in relationship is defined as a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage.
  • Reasons to cohabit in such way includes that couples want to test their compatibility as they want to maintain single financial status.
  • Also, between 1970 and 1990, the number of couples living together without marriage quadruped to 3 million.

Rajasthan’s demand

  • The Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission has asked for a public campaign to warm women of how living without marriage can deny some of the rights accorded to wedded women.
  • Also, it has used the term “combines” as a comparison for life in partners.

Societal view

  • The society and law have been biased in favours of marriage. They support marriage as necessary to the stability of the family.
  • To preserves marriages, several rights have been accorded to the married couple which cohabitation couples lack.
  • Society thinks it is “taboo” that threatens the traditionality of our nation.
  • But as of increasing generation gaps, the youth see it as a restriction and violates their fundamental right “Article 21”.

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Should live in a relationship be regulated by the state?

  • Yes, they must be regulated by the state as living before marriage can help couples to understand themselves.
  • This will in return reduce the cases of brokerage, violence etc.
  • But some restrictions must be made as well as the valid agreement of support or division property must be taken in writing.
  • Execution of certain documents can reduce the conflicts.

India is a nation where traditional beliefs are still dominant. People are such couples as a threat to their children but, it can save millions of marriages. Special provisions and lice are needed in this aspect so that it guarantees the safety of tradition as well as of these cohabiting couples.

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