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Why is QUAD important for India ?

India’s core foreign policy goals:

  • Strategic Security: Along with internal security, strategy security is very important for India. India is not a part of any military alliances in the present multi polar world. Its policy is to enhance the peaceful rule-based order in the world.
  • Economic Prosperity: India aspires to be one of the world’s superpowers in terms of economy. Fostering peaceful bilateral and multilateral relations with different countries is a major foreign policy goal.
  • Geopolitical Status: With growing soft power of India, its geopolitical status has gone up significantly in recent times. The world sees India as a major peacekeeping country.

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The USA has designed India as its major defence partner is a good example of India’s geopolitical status.

  • Neighbourhood First Policy as well as Act East Policy of India should its commitment towards regional security and prosperity.


Other major goals:

  • Containing the growing influence of China in the India Ocean as well as the South China Sea.
  • The welfare of the widespread Indian diaspora spread across the world.

Origin of QUAD

QUAD refers to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue which came up in 2007 in a vision to contain the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region particularly the South-China sea. It is no military alliance. It is just an informal dialogue mechanism to act as a strategic deterrent against countries like China. The members of Quad include the four greatest democracies of the world.

India, the USA, Australia and Japan which value democracy and rule-based order in the world.

The Indo-Pacific region has become an area of intense marine security exercises with more and more countries coming forward to show their capabilities. For example, India conducts Malabar Exercise along with the USA and Japan each year.

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Reasons how Quad is a reflection of a multi-polar foreign policy.

  • Through Quad, India thrives to contain the influence of China in Indo-Pacific waters but it does not accept it openly. Ex: In Shangri-La dialogue, India addressed that Quad was more was about sharing democratic experiences.
  • India wants growing roles of ASEAN nations in the Indo-Pacific and not just of superpowers such as the USA or China.

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