Why is Indo-Pacific region important for the world?

In the current times, the concept of US being the superpower after the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991 doesn’t  hold true. With emerging economies in the Indo- Pacific, it has becoming multi-polar world. As around 60% the trade happens in this region, there is tremendous opportunity for investment & development in the region. However, with the changing geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific and China trying to emerge as a superpower, the relationship between the states in the region has also become complex.



  • Emergence as superpower
  • Belt & road initiative
  • Claims of the South China sea that go against international mandates.
  • Aggressive policies that are hunting the economies of other nation leaving them bank corrupt


  • Sino-Russia bond by providing psychological support to China.
  • Deepening ties with victim Indonesia & other Indo- Pacific states.
  • All weather friend of India
  • Growing China, might hurt the markets of Russia.


  • Worried of emergence of China & its growing relations with Pakistan.
  • Belt & Road initiative hurts sovereignty of India.
  • String of pearl policy of China issue.
  • Russia defense partnership.

            Japan & Australia:

  • Trade relations are being hampered.
  • Dominant China causing geopolitics intervention.


  • Vacuum of power
  • Trying to deeper bond with Indo-Pacific states to prevent emergence.

Every state is trying to serve their own interest awaits the raising China. The rising dominance of China in the Indo-Pacific:

  • Hambantota post in Sri Lanka
  • Debt traps in countries accepting the belt & road initiatives to receive silk route.
  • Disputes in the South China sea
  • Manufacturing hub– rise in exports.
  • Captured marketing around the world.

There is an urgent need to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of one state.

  • To look into the South China sea issue, UNCLOS laws should be rigorously implemented BRI around be received such that it doesn’t hurt sovereignty of any country & not leave then in a debt trap.
  • QUAD (US-Japan- Australia-India) dialogue must be revived.
  • India has a coastal boundary of 7500 km & has an extremely important role to play as an emerging economy. It can prevent the unitarist of power by acting as a bridge between Russia & US & increase ties between them.
  • Russias recent step for development in the Far East strengthen its place in the Indo-Pacific.
  • US: Pivot to Asia-increases role of US in development in the region.
  • India: Act East policy; thereby proving India is the favor of open& inclusive security& order building ideas with all states.

In such a way, rising dominance of China can be controlled and a multi-lateral world power can be promoted with coordinated policies between nations. Bilateral tasks & groups like ASEAN play a significant role to the overall development of Indo-Pacific which has the ability to serve in the interest of all the states thus promoting multi-lateral power.

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