What is National Disaster Response force (NDRF) ?

What is National Disaster Response force (NDRF) ?

After back to back disasters of Orissa summer cyclone ‘99, Gujarat earthquake ’01 and Tsunami of ‘D4 which killed thousands of people we finally felt the need of having a specialist response mechanism at the national level to effectively respond to disasters both natural and man-made.

The Disaster Management Act, 2005 was thus enacted which act up the stability provisions for the establishment of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). NDRF is a specialist force, providing a response in terms of crisis act up in 2006.

Composition –

  • 12 battalions including 1149 personnel’s each.
  • Members are taken on deputation from elite central armed police forces.
  • Situated throughout the country based on risk assessment.

NDRF aims to build a safer and disaster-resistant India with their multi-skilled, multidisciplinary and high tech force which is capable to deal with all type of disasters.



  • To train the state disaster response forces.
  • Provide specialized and immediate response in case of disasters
  • Community-building programs.
  • Need to constantly acquire and upgrade their skills.
  • They need to reach the affected peace in the shortest timespan.
  • Organize public awareness campaign, school safety programme such a huge task force needs to be looked into constantly for its smooth functioning.
  • CAG’s Audit report, 2012 recommended the following –
  • National and state-level disaster mitigation funds were yet to be established – therefore immediate establishment required to encourage pre-disaster management and mitigate in the country.
  • Due to the management of funds, MoHA was asked to strengthen its monitoring system state disaster response funds. Need to increase numbers of battalions.
  • Effectiveness was found to be hampered because of the shortage of adware infrastructure and equipment.
  • Fire and medical services were found to be lacking at both state and central level and have needed a revamp.
  • NDRF being the only dedicated disaster response force in the world is unique in itself.
  • The recent Kerala floods, Maharashtra floods have seen a major contribution from NDRF and it has saved millions of lives both human and livestock.
  • NDRF has not to gist performed nationally but at international levels too. Japan simple disaster ’11, Nepal earthquake ’15 and has received appreciation throughout.
  • Since its establishment in 2016, NDRF has evacuated 5,81,982 human lives.
  • It has capabilities of undertaking mitigation, preparedness and prevention of disasters making them efficient and prompt in their delivery.
  • Once hit b disasters, the particular area took years to rebuild – therefore timely rescue and relief questions are extremely important to save as much s we can during such times.

The nation will forever remain indebted for the timely and efficient needs of NDRF and its brave personnel. Their existence is very important for the country.

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