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What is Intra-Afgan dialogue?

Intro Afghan dialogue is the negotiations upon the peace process include a ceasefire, etc. between the national unity government of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

The reason for such a dialogue in recent times are-

  • Taliban a terror outfit, still hold ½ of Afghan territory.
  • The USA is planning to move its troop out.
  • The decreased credibility of NUG.

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Thus, a political vacuum is created in Afghanistan.


Global players are interested in Afghanistan because –

  • USA: – It wants to maintain its presence in Asia and ensure no use of Afghanistan for anti-US activity.
  • China: – Its BRI’s CPEC passes close to Afghanistan.
  • Russia: – Afghanistan acts as a link for connecting it with the rest of Asia.

The states which effect India are —

  • Investment in Afghanistan for infrastructure and capacity holding.
  • Prevent the flow of ISIS from Afghanistan to India.
  • Afghanistan is to bypass Pakistan for India’s connectivity with Iran and thus to Chahbahar Port.
  • Pakistan supports the Taliban and may use it for anti-India purpose.

Here India is a key player in the Afghan peace process.

Effect of such a peace process and India’s role in it can be —

  • Political stability in Afghanistan, which could improve connectivity projects being developed by India.
  • India will have to approach both the NUG and the Taliban appropriately.

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Example: The informal representatives sent by India to Moscow to meet Taliban borders.

  • Prudential diplomacy will be required as the USA on one side and China, Russia on another side, have diverging interests.
  • India has a deep involvement with Afghanistan in a Strategic partnership in developing infrastructure – health, education, irrigation, agriculture, community development programs, etc.
  • Thus, peace in Afghanistan becomes pivotal for determining the success of India’s efforts.
  • India should antagonize the ‘Afghan-owned and Afghan-led the peace process by backing the democratize forces, ensuring credible elections and at the same negotiate parallelly with the Taliban.

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