Scheme for Higher Education Youth in Apprenticeship and Skills

The unemployment rate in India was 7.2% in February 2019, higher since September 2016 according to the latex data compile by centre for monitoring Indian economy (CMIC) to improve the employability of student by introducing employment allowance into the learning process of the higher education system, the Ministry of Human Resource Development introduced SHREYAS scheme.

SHREYAS objective:-

  • To improve employ city of students.
  • To forge a close functional link between education and industry service sector.
  • To provide skill which is in demand dynamically.
  • To establish a ‘cinephile you vain’ system into higher education.
  • To help business Industry in securing good quality manpower.
  • To link the student community with employ facilitating efforts of Government of India.
  •  It is a programme conceived for students in degree courses, primarily non- technical with an India to generate employable skills into their learning.
  • By the programme, the generator is promoting apprenticeship and also amalgamate employee facilitating.
  • GHREYAS portal will enable educational institution and industry to log on and provide their demand and supplying opportunity.


SHREYAS witness implementation of j tracks: 

  • Add-on apprenticeship: –

  • Currently completing a degree programme would be invited to choose the job role of own choice given by SSC.
  • Embedded Apprenticeship: –

  • The existing program would be restructured to include mandatory apprenticeship depending on the requirement.
  • Linking National career service with colleges:-

  • Portal of Minister of Labour and employment would be linked with a higher education institution.
  • It will be implemented by Sector skill council (SSC)
  • Aim to cover 50 lakh students by 2022.

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Stakeholders –

  • Role of the institution
  • internet from student and register on SHREYAS portal.
  • Role of SSC
  • industries for apprenticeship as per students choice.
  • Role of MSDE
  • the progress of apprentice and also financial the programme.

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There are numerous benefits of a scheme like SHREYAS:-

  • Make our degree student more skilled, employable.
  • The unemployment rate will be some down.
  • Students can easily overcome financial constraints.
  • Industries can get well-skilled workers.

But there are various limitations:-

  • Lack of awareness in students regarding the programme of the government.
  • Institutions are not plying ideal role to register in the SHREYAS portal.
  • High interest in technical qualification.
  • No proper financial allocation.

Way forward:-

  • Increase the coverage area of the scheme so that the benefits of such a scheme should not be limited to any sector.
  • Increase awareness among all stakeholders.

Schemes like SHREYAS is a significant effort to decrease the employment rate in a country like India and to achieve the development goals.

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