Rbi Grade B – Past Year Question Papers

RBI Grade B is one of the toughest competition exam. RBI Grade B exam is divided into 2 phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 paper(qualifying stage) is similar than the rest of Banking exams with syllabus like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English and General Awareness. Phase 2 paper is more focused on RBI Grade B core areas, and have subjects like Economics and Social Issues, Finance and Management, and English.

Here is an overall analysis for this year’s RBI Grade B Phase-1 examination-

The overall examination was Moderate. Though Reasoning section was bit lengthy and time taking, GA was moderate and scoring, English was between moderate & difficult, Quantitative Aptitude was moderate and doable, only proper time management was required.

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RBI Grade B papers- Phase 1

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Most numbers of questions(8-10) came from Data Interpretation, Missing DI, Caselet DI, Pie Chart; with the simple concept of Percentage and Ratio were asked.
  • Wrong Number Series asked from 5-7 questions. Simplification was easiest, only 1-2 questions were asked from it.
  • Miscellaneous questions from Time & Work, Boat & Stream, Partnership were asked for 2-3 questions & were calculative.
  • Only 1-2 questions came from SI & CI, Profit & Loss & Alligations. Questions from Time & distance (Train) also being asked.
  • Quantity I & Quantity II questions were asked for 1 mark in one shift.

Questions asked-

  1. Length of the rectangular field is increased by 14 meters & breadth is decreased by 6 meters, an area of field remains unchanged. If length be decreased by 14 meters & breadth be increased by 10 meters, again area remains unchanged. Find the perimeter of field? (Mensuration)
  2. Two trains A & B travels in same direction. Speed of train A is 72km/hr & that of train B is 96km/hr. Train A crosses a pole in 54 seconds. What is the length of train B? (Time & Distance)
  3. Number Series– Find odd one out: a)1,12,120,960,5780,23040,46080




  1. 25 men & 15 women can complete a piece of work in 12 days. All of them start working together & after working for 8 days the women stopped working. 25 men completed the remaining work in 6 days. How many days will it take for completing the entire work, if only 15 women are put on the job? (Time & Work)


  • Puzzles(Box based, Cities & Sports, Floor based, Linear arrangement) were asked for almost 10-12 marks.
  • Seating arrangement(Circular, Square based, Row sitting) came from 8-10 questions.
  • Data sufficiency & Logical reasoning were asked for 5-7 marks.
  • Syllogism and Inequality came for 6-8 marks.
  • Blood relation & Direction sense covered 7-10 questions.
  • Machine input was asked for 5 marks only in one shift.

Questions asked-

  1. Seven players A,B,C,D,E,F,G are sitting in a straight line facing north. Each one of them are from different countries; Srilanka, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China, West Indies. (Linear Arrangement)
  2. Month based puzzle- 2 days of one month were given. Based on 10 persons, 5 months & 10 occupations.
  3. Ages of several students were given in variable form & asked to arrange in ascending order.
  4. Box Puzzle: (Of different Names & Colours)
  5. Two boxes are placed between red & white.
  6. One box is placed between R & S.
  7. Two boxes are placed between Yellow & Blue box.
  8. Yellow box is placed above Blue box.
  9. Yellow box does not place at the topmost position.
  10. As many boxes are placed between White & Blue as between T & Pink.


  • Reading Comprehension(Two sets) came for maximum marks; almost 10-12 marks. Antonym from the para, tone of author type questions were asked.
  • Double-Fillers with shuffled options were given.
  • Para jumble with one fix sentence was asked, also blanks were given in some sentences and students have to fill the grammatically correct option.
  • Error Detection came for 7-9 questions.
  • Sentence Connector were asked for 5-6 marks.

Questions asked-

  1. One RC was based on ‘Increasing cost of ATM and monopoly’.
  2. One RC was based on ‘Use of cloud computing resources’.
  3. “To keep an eye on”. (Idiom)
  4. Six jumbled sentences were asked to be arranged line-wise, in which one sentence either first or last was fixed. (Para Jumble)

General Awareness:

  • Banking Awareness was asked for 20-25 marks, in which most questions were from RBI.
  • Static Awareness came for 15-20 marks.
  • Current Affairs came from April, May, June, July months.
  • Few questions (3-5) came from History.
  • Head-Quarters of banks were asked.
  • Questions came from schemes, yojanas planned by government.

Questions asked-

Banking Awareness

  1. NPCI is an umbrella organization initiated by?
  2. OECD head-quarters is in which country?
  3. Inflation rate in India rises upto??
  1. What is Banking Ombudsman?

5.What is current minimum amount in Sukanya Samridhi Yojana?

6.What is Fugitive Economic Offender Bill?

  1. What are Truncated Cheques?

8.RBI is celebrating Financial Literacy Week from which date?

9.Which state FDI crossed 300%?

10.What is the maximum deposit in Small Payments Banks?

11.Where was SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit was held this year?

12.Which bank has won the International Enterprise Award?

13.What is the Cost Inflation Index for Financial year 2019-20?

14.Who is the CFO of RBI?

15.HQ od AIIB is in?

16.Committee formed by RBI for Stress and Asset management is headed by?


Static Awareness

  1. What is the speed of Saffir Hurricane?
  2. India’s longest road-rail bridge Bogibeel bridge is located in which state?
  3. Where is Nokrek National Park?
  4. Sabrimala Ayyapa temple is is which state?
  5. Jallikattu game belongs to which state?
  6. First nuclear bomb was dropped in which state?
  7. World Environment Day 2018 was hosted by?
  8. SALAR Jung Museum is located where?
  9. Kunchikal Waterfalls is located in which place?
  10. Lusaka is capital of?
  11. Rohingya tribe belong to which country?
  12. Who is head of National Register Committee?
  13. MSME day is celebrated on which date?
  14. Which of the following places comes under UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
  15. Who is known as the Metro Man?
  16. Which is India’s first Heritage city?
  17. Haldia Refinery is in?
  18. Phone Pe is owned by?
  19. Architect of Jaipur city is?
  20. Shamli district is in which state?
  21. Cleanest city award was given to which city?
  22. A seven mountain temple-Budhdha Mountain is in?
  23. Shenzhen Stock Exchange is in which country?


  1. “Banglore Tiger” book is based on which IT company?
  2. “Our Tree is still grown in” is written by?
  3. “Why I am Hindu” is a book by?
  4. Sai Praneeth belongs to which sport?
  5. Manav Thakkar associated with which sport?
  6. Kyle Mbape is associated with which sport?
  7. Hima das is associated with which sport & she won which gold in Tokyo Olypmics 2018?
  8. Book “Hit Refresh” is written by?
  9. Person Climbed Mount Everest twice is?
  10. AIFF player of the year?
  11. Shubhankar Sharma is related to which sport?


  1. SCOTUS?
  2. WLTS?
  3. CVV?
  4. DGCA
  5. ‘S’ in BIMSTEC is?
  6. ‘F’ in PFMS stands for?
  7. Full form of Rise initiative for education?

Current Affairs

  1. Which country sets the record for launching maximum number of satellites?
  2. Ayushman Bharat Scheme is related to?
  3. What is S400?
  4. What is Ultra light M77?
  5. India signed a pact recently on Civil Aviation with which country?
  6. Mascot of 2022 olympics?
  7. Moon Jae is president of which country?
  8. Bansagar is joint venture of?
  9. Rate of SLR?
  10. SIDBI has recently launched which portal?
  11. India is purchasing Howtizers from?
  12. ISRO’s launch vehicle is named?
  13. Which bank to launch Water Security for Haryana & Punjab?
  14. India’s rank in FDI at Kearney’s Index?
  15. Banking Literacy Week of RBI was celebrated from which month?
  16. Which bank is merged with Bharat Finance?
  17. IDBI’s 51% share to be held by?
  18. Which bank gave loan for National Bio Pharma Mission?
  19. India & Russia concludes Negotiations for which of the missile?
  20. Kishori Amonkar, who passed away recently was related to which field?
  21. Which bank is to provide Financial & Digital Literacy to farmers across Rajasthan & Haryana?
  22. Which ace footballer retired from soccer after his team was eliminated from World Cup 2018?

RBI Grade B Papers- Phase 2 (2018)

We have compiled a list of past RBI Grade B papers from 2010-2015. Though paper pattern has been revised (with all the paper is now objective expect Paper 2 – English) and removal of Statistics paper in Phase 2. These paper will help you understand the kind of questions that you can expect in your RBI Grade B exam.

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RBI Grade B Phase 2 Finance preparation

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Past RBI Grade B Papers

RBI Grade B 2015 – English paper (Set A)

RBI Grade B 2015 – English paper (Set B)

RBI Grade B 2014 – Finance and Management

RBI Grade B 2014 – Economics and Social Issues

RBI Grade B 2014 – English

RBI Grade B 2012 – Finance and Management

RBI Grade B 2012 – Economics and Social Issues

RBI Grade B 2012 – English

RBI Grade B 2011 – Finance and Management

RBI Grade B 2011 – Economics and Social Issues

RBI Grade B 2011 – English

RBI Grade B 2010 – Finance and Management

RBI Grade B 2010 – Economics and Social Issues

RBI Grade B 2010 – English

Source: RBI Grade B Papers taken from RBI official website.


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