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RBI Grade B – ESI Paper Analysis 2017

Caveat: “The questions are taken from various internet sources and after talking with some of the candidates who have given the test” So some questions are incomplete. You may click here for list of questions asked in ESI in 2017

In this paper, one thing which must be kept into mind is that this paper is not just about economics but also about Social Issues. So we need to go up to an optimum level (neither too shallow nor too deep). The structure of this article is as follow:

  1. Analysis of ESI paper of Phase II
  2. Major insights which can be drawn from the analysis
  3. Segregation of RBI grade b syllabus on basis of topic. This will help in chalking out of study plan.
  4. Study plan which should be followed

Basic structure for RBI Grade B paper

RBI Grade b recruitment 2017 process consists of three phases.

Scheme of RBI Grade B Exam of in 2017

There is usually 15 days window between Phase 1 and Phase 2 exam. So exam preparation for Phase 1 and Phase 2 exam should be done simultaneously. Initially, major focus should be on Phase 2 and then the focus should shift to Phase 1 prior to 3-months of Phase 1 Examination.

RBI grade B Exam Pattern for Phase-II Paper is as under.

Timing and Weight-age of Phase 2 Paper

ESI (Paper I of Phase II)

Segregation of Questions

Segregation on Basis of Marks

The segregation of questions on basis of marks per question can be done as under:

Marks Distribution of Economic and Social Issue (ESI) Paper

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For 2-marker questions, passages were provided, which helped in setting the perspective for the questions and then questions were asked related to that. It should not be considered the answers are hidden in the passage. Passage is there just to set the perspective.

Segregation On basis of Topics (as per given by RBI notification)
  1. Growth and Development (G&D)
  2. Economic Reforms in India (ERI)
  3. Globalization
  4. Social & Political (S&P)
  5. Department
Segregation On basis of nature of the question
  1. Static
  2. Current

Segregation on basis of topics

Classification on basis of topics can be done as under:



Segregation On basis of nature of question


As represented above the Current is having very high weight age. But one thing should be mentioned here without understanding theory it will be difficult to consume the Current. So Theory is also important. In fact both should go in hand in hand.

Further many of statistics and Current questions are some way or other is related to Economic Survey or Budget. One piece of advice you should have to through Economic Survey (if not full then selectively) and budget, with a full background of things mentioned there.

Segregation on basis of type of question

Further division on basis of type of question   further segregation is as under

Outcome of ANALYSIS

To summarize, it is necessary to cover Economic Survey & Budget, along with that government website should also be referred time and time again.However ES&B or government website are necessary but it will not suffice the purpose. You have to understand ES&B thoroughly and has to get the background of things mentioned in government website. For instance, when Economy survey mentioned about BOP, you should understand what is BoP, why it is sometime in surplus why in deficit?

I believe it is very interesting part of your preparation but it is also one of the most laborious task but enjoyable.

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