RBI Grade B Interview Preparation Strategy:Bio-Data Based Questions

All candidates must be gearing up for RBI-Grade B interview. We have come across few common doubts from students. This document contains RBI Grade B interview preparation strategy for Bio-data based questions.

Q 1:  I have not won any medal or award, I don’t have any Extra Curricular activities (ECA), what to do?

Q2.  Working experience is not relevant. (For example, experience in IT industry). How to answer this shift from software/engineering to banking

Q3.  Left job from MNC/Banks to prepare for RBI job , how to defend?

 Q4. If asked whether I am preparing for other exams like IAS etc. How should I answer if asked?

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Q 1:  I have not win any medal or award, I don’t have any Extra Curricular activities (ECA), what to do?

Ans .  RBI or for that matter any recruiter give some consideration to ECA/awards. But honesty is more important trait than ECA/awards which RBI looks into candidates.

So don’t lie here as trade off is very severe. Once they have a slightest doubt over your ECA/awards then it affects your marks very badly. The main reason of getting one digit marks in interview is this only. Lying about your ECA/awards and not able to defend it.

Further, you must be having any ECA/awards, but you may be considering them very small.

Some examples of ECA /awards etc. which is  often  neglected

  1. If you have given any engineering competitive exam, rank in that exam even if not selected For example like rank of 1 lakh out of 15 lakh etc. can be written as in top 7 % in particular exam.
  2. Participation in any street play, dance, NCC, NSO, NSS, any quiz, any school fest can be mentioned, even if you have not win anything
  3. Game you usually play be it cricket, video game etc. try to bring in lesson learnt from game that can be applicable to general life or your job like any strategy game can help in that regard.
  4. Your association with any NGO, teaching under-privilege students etc.
  5. Any achievement in your present job like promotion to team leader or appreciation for good work anything of that sort.

List is endless……

Remember, it is not only the ECA/awards which is in your bio-data; there are lot of other things as well. So don’t worry too much about ECA/awards. RBI asked for your bio-data to frame the question for interview, I have seen many candidates which were not asked a single question from his ECA/awards.

Always keep in mind why RBI is taking your interview-

“To know your attitude, sincerity & honesty and your approach to answering questions, not to know what you have achieved in life till date that can be checked without interview as well.”

Q2.  Working experience is not relevant. (For example experienced in IT industry). How to answer this shift from software/engineering to banking

  1. We all know most of the people facing interview are engineer guys or engineer+MBA. So it should give you a little relief.
  2. First work on following exercise
    1. Analyse what is your Present Position (Present Job, what work you do etc.)
    2. Where you want to reach : Your destination (can be as simple as having comfortable, satisfied life or as complicating as reaching to a level where you can positively contribute in nation-building)
    3. Your capabilities/Strengths
    4. How being in RBI will help in reaching that destination and how your capability fit for RBI-job profile.
  3. Now reason can be given along following lines
    1. Start with what you are doing in your present job
    2. Then show how your inclination towards Finance /banking emerged. For example any particular event in your company or Indian market.
    3. Then assert how you will better use your potential in RBI rather than continuing in present job.
    4. Also add what all you have learnt in your present job, which can be used in RBI like any technical/finance industry learning or various soft skill like people interaction, Team building, empathic towards colleagues or organization skill, Time management, working under deadline pressure etc.

Caution – never say your job is bad. It is the same company where you learnt many hard and soft skills. Further it made you realize if not what you want to do but at least what you don’t want to do.

Q3.  Left job from MNC/Banks to prepare for RBI job , how to defend?

  1. First mentioned briefly why you want to join RBI (Above answer will help you in that).
  2. Then give reason why it is difficult to do job and preparation simultaneously like time constraint, mental pressure etc.
  3. Also add something if you are doing along with preparation like teaching somewhere or helping in family business etc.

Q4. IF asked whether I am preparing for any other exams. How should I answer if asked?

Again remember honesty is must for RBI. If you are preparing then say yes you are preparing. Don’t think that it will affect negatively, in fact it show your pragmatic view. The RBI people are practical people they understand that success percentage is very small in the competitive exam (<0.5%). So we have to have other options as well. Mostly it does not attract further question but it is better to prepare for other leading questions like if you are selected for other jobs will you leave the RBI jobs etc.

For any further inquiry, you may comment. Any profile specific question (which you don’t want to be in public domain) you may contact us through our form.For more RBI grade b interview preparation strategy, you can mail us to rakesh@xamnation.com

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have been working in IT industry for last two years. I have cleared exam but not sure how to defend my shift from IT to RBI. from your article I got some idea, but still I am confused. can you help me to how to frame my answer exactly.


    1. Rajan. you can be better answered if you told us where are you working, what is your present job profile ?
      Above article answered your query to some extant, but it is more in general then specific. Sit for few hours alone and try to figure out all what you have learnt in your present job. Also figure out the reason for inclination towards banking.
      For more help send us your Bio-data, that can be send trough out “Contact us” page

  2. I don’t have any hobby as such. If “Watching movie” is my hobby, do I have to prepare all the director name or detail about movie industry as such.

    1. It is being said hobby is activity that is done for enjoyment. You need to know the history of movie industry, but should know about latest happening in movie industry like oscar winning movie, India’s entry for Oscar. YOur opinion why Indian moview don’t do well in Oscar ceremony. You may like to look Gaurav interview experience to know what type of quest asked related to movie industry.

  3. Maine job bhi chod de and 2 saal se IAS ki teyari ker raha hoo? How can I defend that? I was studying only? no part time teaching?

  4. How much weightage RBI gives to awards won? I have won an award long time back in school debate. Should I mention that? kya bahut purana nahi hoga?

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