RBI interview: Current Affairs Related Questions[ 23 Sept to 1 Oct]

Introduction:  Here is the list of probable questions related to current affairs which could be asked in RBI Interview. You can discuss them in comment section. While preparing those answer remember that more than checking  your factual knowledge interviewer tried to assess you though process.

  1. Economy Related
  2. International
  3. Social
  4. Sports
  5. Medical
  6. Space & Science
  7. Movie

A.    Economy Related

  1. What is the most important economy/ banking News of last one year or of last 1 month. And why it is important?
  2. MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) related question
    • What is it , how it work, for what purpose, its member
    • Your opinion – is it good or bad; will it fulfil the purpose
  3. About CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs); [Recently in news ]economy-300x222
    • What is its function
    • Recently approved projects
  4. India usually invest in other countries ;
    • Give example [ going to invest $2 bn in Sri Lanka]
    • India itself remain short of funds then why does India invest in other countries
  5. Various MoU with other countries ;
    • Recent one at least in last one month
  6. Indian Government recently taken decision to close down some government company. Name them
    • Why this is done
  7. About global competitive index
    • Who release it and India’s rank
  8. Related to Foreign Trade Policy [ Also asked in MAins]
    • What is MEIS
    • Recent support under MEIS
  9. Recently one sector is planned to be included in infrastructure sector [Very important question if your hobby is sport or your work experience banking industry]
    • Name that sector
    • What will be benefit for that sector by this step
  10. GST
    • Why is it a constitutional amendment
    • Effects
    • Will there be any state at loss or is it is a win-win deal for all states
    • GST Council
      • Its purpose
      • Who are its members

B.    International

  1. international_photo_250_141_c1_smart_scaleAbout India Surgical Strike
    • You opinion -> is it necessary
    • Effect on India Reputation -> positive or negative => elaborate
  2. SAARC Summit
    • Member country
    • Where was suppose to be held
    • Why did not held
    • Is it good decision by India to boycott from summit
  3. About Indus Water Treaty
    • What is it?
    • Why is it in News recently?
  4. About Paris Climate Agreement
    • India’s Stand
    • When did India Ratify

C.     Social

  1. About India Sanitation Conference

D.    Sports

<Prepare recent development in that sport which you are going to mention as your hobbyall-sports

  1. Asian Beach Game
    • What is India standing
  2. Olympic
    • What could be done for improvement
    • Niti Aayog Plan
  3. India 500th test was played
    • Where played , against whom and who won
    • Which other countries has played 500 tests

E.     Medical

(if your background is medical than these questions are very important)

  1. Concept of three-parent baby
    • Where happen for first time
    • Why?
  2. World Rabies days
  3. Dengue Vaccine
    • Which company signed deal for developing this vaccine
    • Any unique thing in this deal

F.     Space & Science

  1. ISRO achievements
    • Recent one
    • Why ISRO is so successful
    • Antrix controversy
  2. World largest telescope
    • Where
  3. Largest Solar Plant
    • Where
    • Buy whom

G.      Movie

  1. India Entry for Oscar

You may discuss them and can get understanding where are you standing. Answered will be provided for these questions subsequently.What is MEISliBuy whom

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