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How corrupt is Indian healthcare system?

Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. Very rightly said but in a Modern world and fast morning life one seeks help from a doctor timely whose profession is considered equivalent to God in our country.

Corruption in the healthcare system is a big concern nowadays.

What report says?

According to the sting operations by TOI, news, nations and many more, the condition is becoming worse in the following ways: –

  • Patients are compelled to pay two to three times of charge for using medical facilities than the charge taken in the market.
  • Doctors and diagnostic centres have relations to put wrong reports of patients only for the sake of money.
  • Very truly depicted in a Bollywood movie “Gabbar” that a person is kept on ventilator for several days after dying.

These are some cases reports which show the ugly face of people who insult humanity.


Area of corruption: –

  • Construction and maintenance of health facilities
  • Appointment of doctors and professors
  • Admission into hospitals
  • Purchase and supply of medicines
  • Clinical trials and laboratory diagnostics

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Impacts of corruption: –

  • Adverse effect on the health industry, the economy of people
  • low-quality facilities.
  • Huge medical bills
  • unqualified & inefficient doctors
  • death of a patient for wrong treatment
  • lack of access to medicines
  • loss of faith in the system

Measures to be taken: –

  • Awareing people and how to inform such malpractices must come at a primary level.
  • Regulations: Mandatory standard treatment protocol under government-financed health insurance
  • Strict rules and policies to counter corruption
  • Strict actions against people and the hospital involved in such cases.


All through schemes like PMJAY, RSBY etc. Are going to help people in healthcare quality and access but eradicating corruption from the health sector must be the primary object of the government to avail the benefit of different schemed. Educating people through media about malpractices will prove to be a turning initiative by activist and educated people.


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