How can be better our reservation policy?

How can be better our reservation policy?

Educational institutions have been one preserve of upper caste and rich with affirmative action in form of caste-based reservations, however, their chignonhas been challenged to significant content, often through harassment, disgrace and coercion critically analysis the statement in the light of recent incident of Mumbai Doctor’s suicide owing to caste hared discrimination.

The SC and ST community people have suffered from conclusion and isolation respectively for a long time.

This was the rationale of providing reservation in if ones to them, at the commencement of the constitution.

Later, it was extended to educational institutions.

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  1. Exultant offers of private institutions.
  2. Discrimination by the institutions themselves on caste lines.

This has been found by Mungekar committee (2012).

  1. The discrimination discourages people from backward castes to join institutions.

Despite the roadblocks, we have the enrolment numbers for backward castes have improved. Through it is getting behind in accordancewith their population.

With more and more students joining the mainstream from such cases, it has resulted in a negative reaction from the upper caste lobby.

  • The Thorat committee found that more than 70% of SC student in public universities found discrimination in evaluation, access to teacher’s behaviour, etc.
  • Harassment, coercion and disgrace found by them have led to suicides.

e.g.; Rohit venues and of a doctor in Mumbai, recently.

  • The upper caste often feels that their share of opportunities is being siphoned to the “ so-called undeserving students”. However, it is a very narrow outlook.
  • The reason for such a negative attitude is the preserve of poor people in the general category.
  • The Government has addressed the issue by coming out with 10% reservations for EWS category.

The administration of any educational institution should have representations from all backgrounds. This will ensure a level playing field and esteem discriminations.


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