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Healthcare in tribal India

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  • Report is published jointly by Ministry of Health and Family welfare and Ministry of Tribal affairs.
  • Dr Abhay Bang chaired this committee

Components of the report:

  • Life expectancy
  • Reproductive, maternal ,Newborn, child health and Adolescent.(RMNCH+A)
  • Burden of diseases like Malaria and TB
  • Communicable diseases including Malaria, TB, Skin infections ,sexually transmitted diseases etc.
  • Non communicable diseases
  • Genetic disorders
  • Nutritions
  • Mental health and addiction
  • Animal attack and Violence in conflict areas
  • Health care infrastructure and literacy
  • Health human resources.

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Loop holes in Governance in the Tribal areas

  • Inadequate human resources
  • Less financing for the Tribal Health
  • Very less health care infrastructure
  • Less financing for the tribal health

Way forward:

  • More spending in the Tribal health
  • Gave autonomy to the schedule tribes
  • Addressing special problems in tribal health
  • De-addiction center
  • Literacy should increase
  • Governance and participation
  • 4Rs (respect, relevance ,reciprocity and Responsibility)
  • Technology advancement
  • Integration to address the social determinants

Who are the Tribals?

Article 342 of Indian constitution defines scheduled Tribes as the Tribes or tribal communities or parts of or groups with in tribal communities which the president of India may specify by public notification.

Problems  faced by the Tribals:

  • Low socio economic status
  • Education availability
  • Low financing
  • Less access to amenities
  • Far from main stream

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Throw some light on  tribal health according to the committee on Tribal health report.

Describe how the government can do the betterment of the scheduled tribes?

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