Women’s financial literacy

How strong is women financial literacy in India?

Financial inclusion means getting access to finance on credits especially for the vulnerable section of society at an affordable cost for overall development.

How financial literacy is important for women.

  • To make them on par with men for the growth of society.
  • To economically empower them.
  • To become 5 $ billion economy is 5 years. India needs gender equality in the best form possible.
  • To increase women’s say in decision making.
  • To change the social dynamics of society.
  • To liberate them from clutches of poverty.
  • To attain SDG Goal S: Gruden equality.


Financial inclusion with new-age tech will increase their domestic savings and productivity.

  • How this can be achieved.
  • Schemes like MUDRA needs more inclusion.
  • ‘Startup India’, ‘Stand – up India’ promote entrepreneurship among women.
  • Following Kudawbshree Model.
  • SHG’s linkage with the bank needs to be more inclusive.
  • Challenges:
  • Needs to revenue patriarchal mindset
  • Lack of support from family
  • Infrastructure issues
  • Household duties
  • Lack of adequate implementation of Gout’s scheme at the rural level.

We have to make efforts at all fallout to issue women’s participation in the development of society and the nation as a whole.

Various stakeholders like NGO’s, Government, civic societies have to ensure to make sufficient condition women come forward and be at the dewily best for country’s growth.

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