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Welcome to XamNation Academy was founded by group of young and determined graduates from IIT and IIM in 2016. We are group of young folks who have cleared top exams like IIT JEE, CAT, UPSC, GATE and many more. We also have good amount of working experience in Finance, Management, Engineering and Consulting firms.

Xamnation was launched solely on fixing the problem of broken education. We are living in time when whatever students studies during school times are not used in college and university, and what ever students studies during college and university are not used in his/her job. There is complete mismatch of education and profession, due to which students feel stressed out and de-motivated.

We believe that every student has right to take up a dream job and study in his dream collage. Students should not miss any opportunity due to lack of knowledge. Our research has found that all students are talented to take up his dream career or study but there are some small small gaps that need to be fill in. These are area where student is weak, and he need extra help. We, in xamnation, are helping students in improving weak areas of students. Our courses are on-demand and section wise. For example, if you think you need extra help in Financial Risk, we will connect you with Finance experts who will teach you in depth on this particular topic.

We are currently offering help in job recruitment exams like RBI Grade B, NABARD, SSC, IBPS and college entrance exams like GATE, CAT, XAT, IIT JEE, PMT etc.

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  1. RBI Grade B

    Number of Classes???
    Duration of Course???
    How do you teach Finance& Management???
    How do you teach Economics & Social Issues???

  2. Is there any coaching institute of your academy or just it’s an online program and where do i get my classes?

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