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Top 8 Career Options for UGC NET Computer Science Qualified

Top 8 Career Options for UGC NET Computer Science Qualified

UGC NET Exam is taken by candidates aspiring for a career in lectureship and professorship around the country. UGC NET Qualified candidate can apply for the post of Assistant professor or Junior research fellow (JRF). The post of professorship which can be achieved by NET Qualified candidates after several promotions are one of the most respectful jobs in the country.

Although UGC NET provides great opportunities for a career in lectureship there are several aspirants who want to go into different career fields after qualifying NET. Below we are discussing all the career opportunities that a NET qualified candidate from computer science can opt for.


1. Career as an Assistant Professor

UGC NET Qualified candidates can apply for the post of assistant professor at various government and private universities and colleges across India. They can apply at various state universities, central universities or even private institutions. Some of the popular universities where you can apply are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT’s, NIT’s & IIIT’s)
  • Delhi Technical University (DTU)
  • Lovely Professional University
  • IIIT- Hyderabad
  • Punjab Engineering college
  • Manipal Institute of technology
  • LNM Institute of Information technology


2. Work as JRF

Those candidates who dream of a career in the field of research and sciences they can choose to apply as JRF in several Indian universities. Candidates need to qualify UGC NET JRF for being able to apply as NET JRF. JRF Qualified candidates after completing their Ph.D. may go for further in research by opening their own lab and getting the required amount of funding. They need to work on a research topic that interests and attracts investors.

Working in software companies/MNC’s: Net Qualified candidates can look for job offers into various software MNC’s like TCS, Wipro, Accenture, etc. They can also work in startups and IT industries. Computer science net qualified candidates to have a lot of scope in the fields of Software testing and debugging. You can work as a part of a development project or may lead the project. You can choose your field of the job according to your interests such as design team or development team in a software project.


3. Work in Research & Development Sector in top-notch IT companies

You can also get a job in the Research & Development Sector in top-notch IT companies, where your experience and aptitude in research would be greatly required. You can either opt for Operational Research studies or Consultancy for system analysis.

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4. Work in Government Research Institutes

  • NET Qualified CS candidates can also work in government-sanctioned institutes such as CSIR/DRDO. As computer science plays an important role in today’s research and development field a greater number of opportunities are developing for Computer science candidates.
    Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR)
  • Defense Avionics Research Establishment (DARE)
  • Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses (ISSA)

Although all CSIR Labs require some level of Computer science research work, these are some labs specialized in the field. You can go into one of these according to your field of interest. Cryptography, E-Mail tracking systems, communications tracking, Data Privacy, Managing Big Data are some of the fields which are currently very popular in the field of research.


5. Career opportunities in Banking Sector

Several Public Sector banks and other banking institutions such as State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, etc.  holds a common exam Institute of Banking Personnel Selection for selecting candidates for specialized positions such as IT Officer Scale 1, IT Officer scale 2. NET Qualified Candidates can take IT Officer Scale 2 exam and easily qualify for jobs in the field.

You can also apply in the private banking sector as database manager or analyst.


6. Work as an Editor/Author

Candidates who had done UGC NET Preparation would surely be able to edit or author books related to their field of study. Several publishing houses look for NET Qualified candidates for editing purpose. You can even prepare exam pattern books for UGC NET Preparation or several other graduation level exams in computer science.


7. Be a Mentor/Guide

Another great opportunity for people who want to go in the field of teaching is through being a coaching guide. You can join any private institution for guiding UGC NET students. You can either prepare them for paper 1 or either for computer science paper 2.

If you aren’t planning to join any pre-established institute, you can open one yourself (Certainly if you want to go into the field of business and teaching).   Another option is open up an online coaching institute providing full course material along with a YouTube channel. Because of ease of learning and better internet connection, these options are preferred by aspirants.


8. Work in PSU’s

These days PSU’s have opened gates for NET candidates for jobs in the various sector. Although there are several sectors where NET qualified can work such as Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. but the best for Computer Science candidates is Research and Development. Working as an executive in PSU is a great way to develop a career, from research and development they may land into some major government projects where Computer Science Qualified candidates are required.


How to explore career opportunity after qualifying UGC NET

Another new in the list is UGC NET Job portal which is used of hundreds of employers for hiring purpose. Several governments and private institutions have profiles and job openings listed on it. Candidates can create their personal profile and apply for related jobs. The employer will accept them on the basis of their academic record and NET results.

In total, there are several job opportunities for UGC NET Qualified candidates in Computer science even if they don’t want to join as an assistant professor or JRF. With the advancement of technology day by day and growth of the IT industry, the need for Computer Science stream candidates is increasing. If you have put the right amount of effort in UGC NET preparation, you will surely land on a job with prospects of a bright career.

UGC NET exam is taken over by lakhs of student each year and the competition in the field of computer science is pretty high therefore some extra amount of effort is required in order to succeed in the exam. provides a great platform for NET preparation from live lecture sessions to handling doubts and discussions.

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