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Best Programming Languages for Kids

Programming is an essential part of student curriculum globally. Be it American curriculum, where there is special focus on STEM, or English curriculum where coding become integral part from Grade 5 onwards or Indian curriculum like CBSE, ICSE and state board where coding and programming language is an integral part from middle school.

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Which programming language to learn as a school kid?

Programming language is a base of any coding course. Whatever you are trying to build be it website, or a mobile application, or game or robotics, you need to write a code using programming languages. There are many programming languages which are used worldwide, here in this article; we will go through most popular programming languages in school courses.

Learn Python

With simple syntax, and easy to compile and build, Python is best followed programming languages globally. It is most easiest to learn and start with, you can start learning on text editors like Atom, Sublime, which have building compilers too for python.

Python is mostly used in data science project, and for scripting purposes. It is language of choice for Data science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is also used in developing websites using Django and Flask framework.  It also has usage in raspberry pi (robotics course)

Learn C and C++

C and C++ languages are also usually taught as first programming languages in many schools and colleges. They also called machine language, as they are language of choice to interact with IC (integrated circuit), robotics kits and many industrial applications. They are easy to start with, can compile easily using compiler, and can be loaded into hardware application for performing required logic.

Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript

This set of languages (HTML, CSS and JS) is mostly used for developing websites. HTML is hyper text markup language which generates required DOM (Document object model) to be loaded on browser like Chrome, Mozilla etc to view a website. CSS (Cascading style sheet) is used to apply design related changes in the HTML. If HTML is the body, then CSS can be seen as the clothes and accessories. In other words, it adds style to webpages.  JS (javascript) is used for performing run time changes (originating from change of page, or user generated events).

Learn Javascript frameworks for web and mobile app development

Javascript offers many easy to use framework for developing webs and mobile application. Most popular web application(websites) framework are React JS, Angular JS, Next JS and Vue JS. Most popular mobile application framework is React Native framework.

Learn Java

Java is one of the oldest programming language, and yet it is most extensive used programming language in many verticals. It is used in designing websites as a backend language, creating android application, data science and online games.

Learn C#

C# is language of choice for developing games on Unity platform. It is mostly used in game development.

Learn SQL

SQL is used to interact with databases using relational databse (RDBS) like Mysql or PostgresSQL or via NoSQL tools like MongoDB

Learn Scratch

Last but not least, we have Scratch! It is not a programming language, but online tool which offers the best platform for beginner to learn coding via its interactive GUI and drag and drop facility.

Developed at MIT, Scratch is a visual and block-based language that does away with complicated text. Coders instead build their own games, interactive stories, and animation with the use of handy blocks!


There are plenty of programming languages and online tools, which help in creating programs and learning software development in coding course for kids. We have mentioned some of the popular programming languages and tools above. All of these programing languages have different use cases, and hence it is difficult to rank them on which is best and which is not.

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Happy Learning!!

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