Online Course for Economic Survey and Budget 2019

Economics Survey and Budget 2019

This course is designed for UPSC Civil Services, RBI Grade B, Nabard, SSC CGL and other banking exams in India. This course will have pre-recorded lectures on important modules of economic survey and budget, most probable questions list from each of these modules, practice tests along with online live doubt classes.

Features of online course on the Economic survey of India and Union Budget

  • Complete video study material and notes covering Volume 1 and 2 of the Economic survey of India
  • Complete video study material and notes covering Union Budget
  • 5 full length tests on most probable questions to come in competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services, RBI Grade B, Nabard and other competitive exams.
  • Live online discussion on tests and doubts
  • Course is taken by IIT-IIM graduate having cracked UPSC Civil Services Mains

Economic survey and Budget- Course Plan

Following topics will be covered in this Economic survey and Budget course.

General Economy

  • National income Accounting- Concept of GDP, GNP, Per Capita etc.
  • Sector of Economy ( Agriculture, Industry & Infrastructure, Services)

Public Finance

  • Budget: Theoretical Background
  • Fiscal Policy, Taxes- GST

Financial Management

  • Money and Banking
  • Price and Inflation, Monetary Policy

Social Sector

  • Schemes for disadvantage section
  • Employment
  • Budget provisions
  • Development Reports

External Sector

  • BOP, WTO, Regional Agreements
  • Indian Foreign Trade Policy

Sustainable Development , Environment


  • Economic Outlook, GST as study tool
  • Education, Science and Technology

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