RBI Grade B notification

Why is quality of teachers bad in India?

According to NGO PRATHAN’S Annual status of Education Reports (ASER). “Only 30% around of children enrolling in class 1 graduate from class 12; and those who do they do not require skills and the major reason behind this is lack of quality of teachers in India.

What should be the quality of teachers?

  1. He must be sound in his academic subject.
  2. Practically skilled and trained.
  3. Should have a wider knowledge.
  4. Can teach and explain subject to children efficiently.

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Even NITI Aayog in its report, mention about changing in the traditional way of studies and including quality teachers.

Measures to reform in teacher education:-

  1. Courses like B.Ed., which is mandatory for becoming teachers. Should be taken as a senior challenge to conduct a timely exam.
  2. Even teachers should also come under 360° Appraisal program, based on their performance.
  3. State government should take mandatory steps to stop private and take college who import B.Ed. degrees autonomously.
  4. Teachers should also give “examination” in their service time to keep up performance.
  5. 50 hours of continuous development professional training as per National Education Policy should be implemented.
  6. Higher authorities like DM, District Education Officer and should regularly visit the school to keep a crack in teacher’s performance.

Government initiative to improve the quality of teachers and minimize drop-out:-

  1. NESTA – Teacher’s training programme by MHRD.
  2. Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyaan – Implemented in accordance with the right to education to minimize drop-out.
  3. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Schemes – Residential primary schools for girls from SC, ST, UBC and minority to give them education.
  4. Mid-day Meal – Education with food will lessen the drop-out rate.
  5. Recommendation of Justice Verma Commission on teacher training program implementation.

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India is one of the fastest moving economies and its future can be more meaningful only when its children can get a better education.

The government should put more focus on teacher training to achieve SDG 4 of Quality education by 2030.

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