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Why do we need independent and autonomous regulatary institutions

Any democratic countries base lies in remaining Independent, autonomous, reasonable restrictions. Just like to have Democratic Stable Government. Our constitution framer has given some constitution Bull works like ECI, UPSC, CJI etc.

Their institution is supposed to enjoy independent in the matter of their appointment, salary, allowance and all that decided by President whose suppose to remain Political neutral.

Current situation:-

  • Currently, one by one all institution is asked to prove their integrity, honesty likely.
  • Recently girl fall sexual harassment case on CJI through it was lately nullified but that’s never happened before.
  • After the election of UP, former Chief Minister Akhilesh ask ECI to prove their Integrity and asked.
  • For revolution or counting of VVPAT check and through ECI prove correct, issues of court employment through collegium.

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Way about to solve sure:-

  • In a democratic country, the citizen should have faith, trust over this institutes because they are supposed to be defending the wall of the constitution.
  • To regain faith over institutes those should be reform and fill the loopholes for wrong deeds.
  • Bill for reform about this institute should go for longer debate as currently without proper discussion bill get a panel with dilemmas.
  • Appointment of this officers should remain out of the reach of political.
  • Transparency should be maintained as recently SC has allowed put comments in court, uploading details of judges that their appointment and transfer on what basis done.
  • Other can say Autonomy of institution should be maintained for its in depend working transparency, accountabilities can regain the faith of citizen.

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