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Why NGOs are important in India?

A non-governmental organization (NGO’s) are legally constituted organization, which operate independently from the government and are considered as “ non- profit, “ non- state “ groups who pursue the purpose of public interest.

Societies Registration Act (1860) confirms the legal status of these NGO’S.

Role of NGO: In protecting Human Rights:-

  • Sulabh Movement:- It worked for the betterment and welfare of Dalit’s.
  • Campaign Against Child Labor [CACL]:-

For the eradication of child labour, through providing education.

  • Child Rights and You [CRY]:- It aims to restore child Right in India.
  • Some NGO’s are working for restoring women rights in India.
  • Even in decriminalizing homosexuality these NGO’s played an important role by restoring these communities Human Rights.
  • The pressurize government on issues such as protection of prisons rights.


  • Self-regulatory guidance missing,
  • Implement corporate governance,
  • Transparency and accountability,
  • Malpractices and irresponsibility,
  • Lack of professionalism,
  • The constraint in Financial Management,
  • Lack of Regulatory Framework,

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NGO:- Security Concern for India:-

Report from intelligence bureau (IB) stated that protests of “Foreign funding NGO’s led to the loss of 2-3% of country’s GDP, also Ministry of Home Affairs ordered to conduct a raid on ‘Amnesty International ‘ office at Bengaluru

In the probe to spread Anti- National feeling.


  1. Consistent Monitoring by Monitoring group,
  2. Time-bound procedures for NGO’s,
  3. Tight Administration and penal procedures for irregularities,
  4. FCRA and FEMA should be followed strictly,
  5. Filling of a related document necessary,
  6. Strategic framework for their working.

Way forwarded:-

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs should constitute a committee to monitor NGO’s.
  2. Registration under Societies Registration Act should be compulsory.
  3. Law enforcement Agency such as IB, CBI and ED should have direct power to investigate.

Kofi Annan said, “The 21st century will be an era of NGO’s “, so NGO’s should understand their importance and work for sustainable development of Human.

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