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AI and ML

Why Social media privacy is important?

In the new age, technology would carry information of ours in present online and anyone can access it with a click of a button.

  • New players like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. have made our world a smaller place and move interconnected.
  • But it has also led to privacy breaches where big – tech companies have sold personal data of citizens for billion dollars.
  • The recent Cambridge Analysis and Google and one plus controversy has raised the fundamentals question of how bleak the very idea of privacy is for these companies.
  • Companies for personal information like – contacts – e-mail – D.B to use their seminars and as such user is forced to provide it.
  • This info gets stored permanently in companies’ data access will if user data his/her account.
  • The companies then all this data to other brands, institutions and them a targeted advertisement of products, duties are shown caused do that user.
  • Such previous data can also be sold to the government, who can vigilance on people or can interfere with duties.

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Way forwarded: –

  • Effective legislation at the National level to store data in a country itself is needed.
  • Companies should be fined heavily if such an incident does occur.

Therefore, there is a very fine line blow data breach and privacy of the individual which should be protected at any cost.

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