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Why do our cities getting flooded so much?

The recent flood of catastrophic dimensions have ravaged many states such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and others cities. This has cost huge loss to life and property in the country.

It was in the year 2011 when the government formed a committee under Madhav Cargill to look on Western Ghats Ecology.



  1. To form whole Western Ghat into Economic sensitive zone.
  2. No new construction of industries mining should be stopped.
  3. Also ban on construction of Hydro projects, Windmill farms and dams of size between 10 to 30 meters.
  4. Mono culture plantation of tea, coffee, banana, instead of large scale cultivation.

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Why report rejected on what basis?

  1. The first report was rejected by the environment ministry and afterwards, Western Ghats state also rejected.
  2. The Western Ghats is rich in minerals ban of mining would reduce their income.
  3. Converting WG into ESZ would stop all development activities, which would affect the tourism industry.
  4. Cargill report faced resistance from political parties and businessman.
  5. Private land was also converted to include in ESZ.

Thus, due to love for minerals and their exploitation causes a devasting effect in Kerala, KM, MH, TH.

However, presently occurring flood not only effecting WG but also, Northern States and NE states.

  1. The situation in Bihar, Gujarat, MP, and NE states like Assam, Arunachal is not governed.
  2. Cargill committee is only for the Western Ghats we need a robust mechanism for all over the country.

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Solutions :

  • Farmers should have wells on the farm to collect water.
  • Proper Rehabilitation and Mitigation
  • Improve Drainage
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Real-time data on dam
  • Interesting of small rivers
  • Construction of artificial ponds to collect water

Our country every year suffers from these catastrophic flood, which causes a huge loss of life and property. There is a need to create a sustainable mechanism, which would cover Pan India. The solution should be of long term impact.

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