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Who are Rohingya and what are their issues?

Rohingyas are an ethnic group belonging to the Muslim community in Myanmar. However, the country has not given its people its citizenship.

The Rohingyas, in large number, fled Myanmar owing to large scale ethnic cleansing allegedly committed by the Myanmar army.

About 7 lakhs of them fled Bangladesh after they were attacked in which many lost lives, women were raped, etc.

The Rohingyas are believed to be supporting terrorism by the state of Myanmar. However the issue also community over the Rohingyas. This has been discriminant policies being adopted against them.

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  1. The countries councillor Aung San Suu Kyi has been silent upon its army’s action against Rohingyas.
  2. The UN-investigation group was not allowed to do an investigation inside Myanmar.
  •  However, it interviewed the people who fled.
  • It concluded the grave human rights violations had been committed.
  1. India has accrued one group – ARSA – comprising Robingyas of killing Hindu community people in 2015.
  •  India, thus afterthe nation of security issue in granting asylum to Rohingyas.
  1. The unhabitalisation process concerned by China for relocating them Bangladesh to Myanmar has not started yet.

The exodus of 7 lakhs people can become a problem for regional countries in the form of urbanization, law and order, security, etc.

India thus should play a foliating role in the following way –

  • It should converse multilateral meetings of concerned stakeholders – Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc.
  • Provide assistance to Myanmar and Bangladesh to carry forward the repatriation.
  • In the meantime, the social and economic requirements of the migrants should be met with.

The way forward –

As India is itself facing challenges in the illegal migrant issues –NRC in Assam, it should thus provide a platform to the affected countries to settle the matter amicably and as soon as possible.


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