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What is Triple Talaq Bill ?


After years of politics of appeasement finally our parliament “managed” to pass “Triple talaq bill” with breaching of article 26 of our constitution. After which the practice of “talaq or talaq-e-bidder” will be considered as illegal and worth punishment.

Body: The brick against this discriminative practice was first placed by Shah Bano in 1998 who approached S.C against this practice of triple talaq when her husband gave her divorce by speaking three times talaq. Since then it is a matter of controversy and taken as a matter of politics for vote bank or sometimes being criticized by certain social thinkers.

But finally,the 20th Parliament passed this bill called (Protection of rights of marriage) bill 2019 which will ban the practice of triple talaq.

The provisions of the bill are –

  • Voter this bill the triple talaq will be considered as void and illegal.
  • Alert provision talks about the punishment husband with imprisonment of up to 3 years and fine.
  • The third provision talks about providing subsistence allowance to female from his husband.
  • All these provisions will help in bringing rebel to the oppressed Muslim women who will be suffering from the ill practice of triple talaq.
  • It will help in bringing gender equality and justice in society from which females were earlier deprived of.
  • The custom is banned in Muslim majority countries of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Empowerment of women socially: This bill empowers the women of society and provides them with enough powers to raise their voice against such a void which was earlier not under the provision.
  • This will change the gender discrimination practice in our country.
  • Men who used to thought females as weak and powerless will now be captive under laws.

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The bill is not only a breaching of Article 26 above it, but this is also a boon be socially oppressed Muslim women who suffered too long to get their rights.

This bill is a transforming step in socio-political circumstances. As from decades where the politics for vote bank, and of appeasement didn’t let this ill practice abolished so finally after this strong step has stunned the dirty politics of prevailing in our country.


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