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What is space race?

There has been a renewed interest in space activities by different countries lately. Different space agencies are coming up with ambitious missions which suggest that space race is looting up.


  1. S ‘s space policy direction seeks to enable human expansion across the solar system. Thus the US is going for crewed missions to moon and mars.
  2. China plans to undertake an interplanetary mission to Mars continue next year. It also aims to build its space nation planning.
  3. India and China both are making plans for space mining. China has stated that it will send an asteroid explanation spacecraft around 2020.

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In this context, Indo Japan cooperation is important:-

  1. Both the countries have been wary of China’s assertion in the Indopacific region and now this extends to space domain as well.
  2. India and Japan have cooperated in areas of space like earth observation, satellite navigation, space research and lunar exploration by cooperating on a joint mission the two countries can “lead the space sector in Asia Pacific region”.
  3. India and Japan have recently announced that they will be holding their first space security dialogue in March.

Cooperation between the two countries will be beneficial as:-

  1. The problem of funding can be overcome as India and Japan separately contact match up to China because China has deep pockets.
  2. Space wining activities can bring home numerical wealth.
  3. Both countries can engage in technology exchange and support and make space missions possible that were facing technological challenges.
  4. It can change the balance of power equation in the Asia Pacific region and counter China’s dominance.
  5. Their cooperation will also ensure space security.

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Thus to lead the space race, India must engage in partnerships and the one with Japan can pose beneficial.

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