What is India policy on Afganistan?

India’s concerns over Afghanistan how per peak clue to recent withdrawalof troops from conflicted country by US, and making agreements between US .and Afghan Taliban.

This move adversely affect India’s interest in Afghan,by passing its position, benefits to the neighboring countries like Pakistan and its interim deal.

Blocking India’s interest like India’s stancewill lead to the political Prutability, that affect India’s relation. Destabilized andTaliban and Afghanistan will impact India and concern over India’s investments, political, diplomatic, economic and security.

Through best policy measure, India can able to maintain goodwill and investment in Afghanistan for future prospect to avert other threat posing to India’s interest and Exclusion.

  • India should make and involve military footprint to exclude the intended Pakistan.
  • New Delhi’s has future in Afghan, so to maintain secure Taliban’s interest.
  • To avoid Jammu and Kashmir issues through Hackliest and Islamism. Peace pacts is necessary.
  • Policy steps must we hard head Power and hard hear led Power for further interests.
  • Concerns over other developed and emerging habitus on Afghan’s interest. Use previous good will that it hasextend from in the Anti Taliban forces.
  • Without interfering Afghan’s internal attain, it should maintainbuild partnership between Stakeholder, investors, entrepreneurs and other institutions.
  • Essentially, India will need to play very conservative and steady approach through diplomacy.
  • Improve the strategies and peace talk between officials and Talibancommunity to safeguard their interests.
  • India’s stance in Afghanistan can be maintained by Monetary and maternalassistance, if necessary.

What is Intra-Afgan dialogue?

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