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What is fourth industrial revolution?

Industrial Revolution 4.0 refers to the technological innovations involving the combination of humans and electronics. It merges physical, digital and biological spheres.

Industrial revolution 4.0


Artificial intelligence

India is the 4th nation where the world economic forum opened the centre for the 4th Industrial revolution.

Industrial revolution 4.0 can have different impacts:

  • Technological transformation – increase in efficiency and economy
  • Drop-in transport costs – benefits trade, opens new markets
  • Economic growth – better developmental initiatives – growth alienation
  • Reach to a wider audience. E.g. use of Google Nexus in Maharashtra’s rural school
  • Advancement in biotechnology – genetically modified crops – increase farm income
  • Use of big data to predict weather and mitigate natural disasters
  • E-governance – participation and transparency – check on corruption and scams

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However, it can have negative impacts also:

  • Automation would lead to unemployment and jobless growth.
  • More emphasis on skills – the gap between low skill/ low pay and high skill/ high pay.
  • Increase in the gap – disharmony – social and political implications.
  • Misuse of data by mapping user behaviour – exploitation of the consumer.
  • Concerns about cyber security and frauds.

To gain the benefits of the 4th Industrial revolution there is a need to develop better infrastructure, ensure job security and keep a check on data mapping.

Industrial revolution 4.0 can take India to new heights and thus should be shaped in a positive manner.

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