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Jobless growth in India

Jobless growth is an economic phenomenon in which a macro economy experiences growth while maintaining (or) decreasing its level of employment.

  1. According to the recent reports by Economic Standards India’s jobless was 6% of the labour for a between 2017 – 2018.
  2. As growth is not fast in the Industrial sector attempts in creating job opportunities failed.
  3. NSSO report on jobless growth :

Labour for a participation rate has declined system.

39.5% in 2011 – 2012.

36.9% in 2017 – 2018.

  1. Gender inequalities in jobless growth :
  • Almost the entire decline in labour participation is triggered due to a sharp reduction of women in the workforce.

Labour for a participation rate of women.

22.5% in 2011 – 2012

17.5% in 2017 – 2018

  1. Government institutes to address the jobless group.
  2. Salvaging the Indian demographic dividend rest be a key part of the Indian growth story.
  3. According to the Sharada Prasad Committee, there are two goals to improve Skill India.

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Skill India:-


  • To meet employee needs of Skill.
  • To improve workers (young and old) for a decent livehood

Quality Training:–

  • If the number of private ii is has grown from 2000 to over 11000in 5th years, its point to a colossal failure of regulation, by lack of quality Training.

Women participation:-

  • While women make up nearly ½ of the population, they account for varies 1/5th of the workforce.

Vocational Education Training (VET): —

  • In China, for instance, has separate steam after 9years of compulsory schooling, and half of the student choose VET at the secondary level of Education.
  1. Only 36% of India’s organized sector firm conduct in-firm training.
  2. With the skill, India programmer India aims to skill some 500million people by 2022 in both organized and unorganized sectors to improve the efficiency of the workforce.



India can surely become the World’s skill capital but not with what it is doing right now it’s main focus should on “SDG – 8 – Decent  Work and Economic growth”

Way forward:

India decent need 5 companies with 500 crores turnover but needs 5000 companies 5cr turn over.

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