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What are features of outcome budgeting?

Budget is an annual financial statement released by finance minister every year.

It is mentioned in article 11. It provides a clear outlay of expenditures for the coming financial year.

Outcome budget:

  • It is generally a process card about how much result has been acquired in various minifies and departments by using budget allocation.
  • It helps in transparency and accountability.
  • It does not only analyse the results in terms of money but also in quality terms like the tone of steel produced etc.
  • It helps in better service providing.
  • It analyses the outcome in every department by measuring input.
  • Every department has to present its data performed in every unit to finance minister.
  • Ithelps to identify the loopholes in implementation.
  • It analyses the surplus or deficit and takes actions according to it.


Performance budget:

  • It is a performance of every unit in terms of input used and the output that is generated through this.
  • It tries to establish the links between tax funds allocated to the department and the result brought out through the allocation.

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Difference between Outcome budget and performance budget is that:

Outcome budget takes account of output produced and the process made –

  • Performance budget will try to bring a link between funds allocated and the equivalent results brought out.
  • Outcome budget, performance budget all meant to increase transparency and accountability which are key ingredients of democracy, utmost care to be taken to implement it a proper procedure.

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