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What are electoral bonds?

  1. Electoral bonds a surfed dominated bond that are usually at the specific resection of the month and the date-specific financial institution. But they are all edged of temporary issues.
  2. Primary downs are not disclosed as the names, nature of the association, a search of funds is free from the discloser.
  3. Corporate donations are mad open-ended.

No procedure to agents no limitation or on donation on enlisting the donation across the end discloser to the stakeholder are annual returns.

  1. Donations are not be scrutinized for their nature of funding.

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Issues: –

  • Could be from money laundering
  • Could be from internal financing to make black money white.

Could be minced from tan hawkers or being occurred from t-notes.

A natural factor of electoral fund utilization has not been addressed by the electoral bank.

  Structural factor:-

  • Utilization of donations for party-specific purposes
  • Issues with bonds – no provision on post-audit.
  • Use of money power – No condition of public sourcing
  • Cases of horse-trading and defection (buy Mets)—No the condition of public discloser of franks.

The new allegation is National –

  • 88% of party funding during 25years is Rs: 2,0000 crores and more. This large inflation of compared donations.
  • Designation Financial authority (RBI) is under the central government. Thus, renting party has a hand on accruing the source of funds.
  • Electoral bonds can not address the using stand inter-party policies. Indian system impact cannot be addressed inter-party corruption as the political allegation is free from party termination.

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    May ahead: –

  1. Bonds have standardization. Therein of restore funding issues to an extent.

Standardization: –

Only a few months with 15 days of life.

  • Denomination spectra
  • Only to nationally recognized for parties.
  1. Unregistered parties, established for the stake of tan concessions can be checked.
  2. VLCL of EC had to law mechanism of a financial audit.

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