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RBI Grade B (DEPR) – Phase 2 ( Paper -2) on Economics

There were two parts with 5 questions each. 2 questions need to be attempted from each part and one question from any of part. In total, 5 questions need to be attempted.

Part 1:  In this part questions were related to Economy Concepts (Macro and International Economy).

  1. Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in floating and fixed exchange regime in economy perfect capital Mobility
  2. Harris-Torado Model of migration and its effectiveness in India Economy
  3. Effects of tariff and non-tariff barrier and example of non-tariff barriers
  4. Out of following four terms two term need to be explained
    1. Interest target policy (not sure about)
    2. Covered interest rate parity
    3. (there were two more terms)
  5. Two questions
    1. Effect of following step in short term
      1. Government Expenditure increase
      2. Fall in Private investment
    2. Why Long term supply curve is vertical and effect of change in Aggregate Demand

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Part 2: In this part questions were more related to Indian Economy.

  1. Human Capital Index- What is tit and Steps taken to improve it
  2. Agriculture – Issue & Concerns
  3. Explaining terms (four out of six terms)
    1. Effect of Demonetization on money market
    2. Climate Change in India
    3. Ease of Doing Business
    4. Skill Development and Inclusive Development
    5. Something Related to GST
    6. (One more was there)

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There were two more questions.

Strategy:  You need to through your Macro and International Economy Concepts. Also you need to thorough Economic Development Model. However, as there are choices among questions and if you have less time to prepare you can leave Economic Development Model Part.

For Part 2: You need go through the major economy development and you need to develop your view point there. The best place to get the view is from the Economic Survey Part 1.

Important Thing: This is going to be subjective paper (Descriptive) . You have to explain things through graph (especially part 1). So, it would be better that you go through the some questions answer writing practice before going to exam.

If you have any query related to exam, you can ask in comment.

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