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Top 10 eligibility criteria doubts for RBI Grade B

There are lots of doubts among RBI Grade B aspirants regarding their eligibility criteria related to age and education qualifications. Here we have compiled list of top 10 most common doubts asked by aspirants.

Most common eligibility criteria doubts for RBI Grade B

Doubt 1: My marks in class 10 were 59.8% . Can we do the round off to 60%. Am I eligible for RBI Grade B in such case

Answer: There is a strict rule of 60% marks for govt recruitment exams. You cannot round off your marks even if you have 59.99%. You are not eligible.

Doubt 2: My marks in B.Tech were 59% but my CGPA is 6.8. Am I eligible for RBI Grade B

Answer: Your eligibility will be judged based on what is mentioned in your graduation certificate. If your degree mention CGPA then you are good to go. If it only mentions percentage, then you are not eligible. However, if it mention both percentage and CGPA , then also you are eligible for the exam.

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Doubt 3: I have done Diploma as well as class 12. Whose marks do I need to take into account to cover my RBI Grade B ELIGIBILITY?

Answer: In such case we recommend you to mention based on the scores. If your scores in Class 12 are good, then you can mention that.

Doubt 4: I have few backlogs during my bachelor degree. Am I eligible to sit in RBI Grade B EXAM?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible to sit for RBI Grade B. You may be asked to explain your academic performance during interview, and you should have your answer ready. You are eligible.

Doubt 5: I have a gap of 1 year in my studies due to some medical reason. Am I eligible for RBI Grade B

Answer: You are eligible to appear for RBI Grade B. You may be asked on your medical problem, don’t lie, tell them the truth.

Doubt 6: I have a registered Chartered Accountant. Am I allowed to appear for RBI exam

Answer: You are eligible to appear for this exam.

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Doubt 7: I will be 31 this October. Am I eligible to appear for this year RBI exam

Answer: Yes, you are fine with age. Normally age limit is set for July of that month, unless specifically mentioned in the notification. Check RBI notification for more details.

Doubt 8: I belong to OBC category. Will I get any age or marks relaxation

Answer: Please check here: Eligibility criteria for RBI Grade B

Doubt 9: I am from non economics and finance background. Will there be any restriction for me to sit in exam. Is there any disadvantages for my during department allocation

Answer: You need to have any bachelor degree to appear for RBI Grade B exam. So you are allowed. Regarding your selection and department allocation – your selection will be solely based on your exam performance (Phase 1 + Phase 2 + interview). Your department allocation will depends on the available seats at different RBI offices.

Doubt 10: I have appeared for RBI Grade B for 4 times. Is there any restriction on number of attempts in RBI Grade B exam.

Answer: RBI notification does not mention anything at all. You need to be within age limit. Check latest RBI Grade B notification for more details


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