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Interview with RBI Officer – Deepak Singla


In our interview series, we have now interviewed Mr Deepak Singla, who is working as Assistant Manager. He will share you tips and tricks about RBI preparation, and also share some glimpse on work and life at RBI.


Q: Tell us something about yourself?

A: I am Deepak Singla. I am working as an aasistant manager in RESERVE BANK OF INDIA

Q: When and how did you join RBI?

A: I joined as Assistant in December 2012. Then got promoted to Assistant Manager in December 2016

Q: How did you prepare for RBI recruitment exam?

A: Syllabus of RBI recruitment exam is similar to the other Exams. However, since numbers of seats are less, therefore the cutoff is comparatively high. To get through it, I needed to score as high as I can. For that you need to be quick and accurate. Being faculty member in IBS, Chandigarh, it helped me alot in preparing for my exam

Q: How was RBI interview experience?

A: Rbi interview was a good one. Especially when I went with a mind set that I will not join. I was already selected in 3 different government jobs and that too as an officer. Panel was good and polite. Apart from the answers, they were also looking at the confidence and communication of candidates. As they were aware that expecting deep knowledge about Rbi from freshers will not be correct.

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Q: How is induction program for new recruits at RBI?

A: Induction program was very good and light. It focused on making the new recruits more comfortable and familiar with the organisation.

To discuss work culture and atmosphere in Rbi, To inform functions of Rbi, From salary, perks, to what organization expects from us. It covers everything

Q: How is your experience in RBI so far?

A: As I mentioned earlier, I opted for Rbi Assistant leaving behind other officer opportunities, the decision taken was really good for me, financially, socially, mentally.

Organization is great and so is the atmosphere and work culture. We work hard no doubt, but under no pressure.

Q: How do you compare RBI job with other career in private and government sector?

A: I hate comparisons. Everything has some plus and minus. But yes in Rbi I feel you will always have ample time for family, especially with 5 days working which is not possible in private or many other government sectors.

Q: What is your one piece of advice to people seeking career in RBI?

A: As the name suggests, if you want to be a part of Central Bank of Country, You will have to be bit different. Be it your analytical skills, communication skills and behavioral Skills.

If you want it you have to earn it. Once you earn it you will only progress, you won’t lose it.


It is hard to get in to the RBI, but it worth of every effort to be a RBI officer. We will continue our series of interview with RBI officers. If you have any question on this interview, please feel free to ask in the discussion thread below.

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