TCS interview process – For fresher and experienced professionals

About TCS

Tata Consultancy Services is India’s largest multinational business group, providing IT services, consulting and business solutions to people across globe. TCS is part of Tata group and listed on NSE and BSE. TCS is 4th largest recruiter in India.


Industry: Information Technology & Services

Company size: 371,239 people on LinkedIn has marked TCS as their employer (past and present)

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Founded: 1968

Specialties: IT Services, Business Solutions, and Consulting

Main offices: TCS is present in 45+ countries across globe. Below are regional headquarters of TCS across world.


Key service areas of TCS

  • Consulting
  • TCS Interactive
  • Analytics and Insights
  • IOT
  • Block-chain
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • Conversational Experiences
  • Automation & AI
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Cloud Apps, Micro-services & API
  • Cyber Security
  • Quality Engineering

Employee reviews of TCS career

The easiest way to get into TCS is through campus recruitment. More than 60% of TCS employees has stated that they were hired via campus placement (on campus, walk in etc).


Source: Glassdoor , based on 44000+ reviews.

TCS interview process for fresher

TCS interview process for freshers and campus placement is divided into following stages.

Candidate screening in TCS recruitment

Candidate need to make sure that they are fulfilling eligibility criteria for TCS recruitment process.

  • Candidate must have scored minimum 60% or CGPA 6 out of 10 throughout his/her education. This will include Class 10, Class 12 and his/her graduation.
  • No backlogs should be there.
  • A gap in studies for up to 2 years is allowed for valid reasons

Check out TCS previous year questions. Now solve TCS previous year questions by practicing from our online aptitude course for placement

Written test in TCS recruitment

If the candidate is eligible to appear in TCS, he/she is called to sit in written exam. TCS written exam is typically 90 mins paper, where you will be tested on below mentioned subjects.

  • English Verbal
  • Aptitude test
  • Programming Logic MCQ Efficiency Test
  • Coding Questions

Paper pattern of TCS written exam

Questions are asked from English, Quantitative Aptitude, Programming logic and Coding. There are total 41 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.


  • There is negative marking of 0.33 marks for every wrong answer in Quantitative aptitude and programming language efficiency section.
  • There is no negative marking in Coding and English paper
  • Total time of TCS written test is 90 minutes
  • There are certain questions which has higher marks than others (both positive and negative). For example in Quantitative Aptitude sections with higher marks weightage are Averages, Time and Distance, Functions, Geometry. Time and Work, Mixtures and Allegations, Algebra, Percentages, Ratios, and Number System.
  • Programming language efficiency is MCQ based test which will test fundamental programming tests of programming languages.
  • You need to write a code in Coding test. You are free to use any of the following languages – C, C++, Java, Python and Perl
  • Overall the difficulty level of TCS paper is above moderate.
  • You need to qualify written stage of TCS to appear in further rounds.

Syllabus of Programming language efficiency test

  • Input and Output
  • Functions and Scope
  • Data Types
  • Command Line Theory
  • Arrays
  • Variables
  • Registers
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Loops
  • Trees
  • Queue
  • Linked Lists

Syllabus of TCS Quantitative Aptitude Test

  • Number System
  • HCF & LCM
  • Percentages
  • Allegations and Mixtures
  • Ratios, Proportion and Averages
  • Work and Time
  • Series and Progressions
  • Time, speed, distance
  • Equations
  • Reasoning
  • Geometry
  • Arrangement & Series
  • Profit & Loss
  • Problem on Ages
  • Probability
  • Clocks and Calendar
  • Permutations and Combinations

Interview process at TCS fresher recruitment

TCS interview process is divided into 3 rounds.

Technical interview round at TCS

Questions are asked based on following 2 options

  1. CV based questions – Like questions based on education (B.Tech stream like Electronics and Communication) or based on past project or internship.
  2. Profile based questions – Questions based on profile of departments where candidate is likely to be recruited. For example- In BFSI, candidate is likely to be asked questions based on banking industry tools and softwares like Block-chain, crypto-currency, cyber security etc.

Strategyfor cracking Technical round at TCS

  • Make sure to brush up your concepts of engineering/graduation
  • Go through project work and past internship
  • Check TCS departments, profile and industry scenarios

Example questions in TCS technical round

  • What is the difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?
  • How can volte work in a 4G mobile?
  • What is an IP address?
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • algorithms for swapping two numbers: one with temporary variable and another without

Managerial round at TCS

Managerial round at TCS is basically behavioral interview round and test the fast thinking capacity at difficult situation. There are 2 sets of questions that are asked in managerial round at TCS

  1. Questions about past work, team collaboration, meeting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, negotiations etc
  2. Questions about situation handling in tough scenarios.

Example questions of TCS managerial round

  • What is my favorite subject in B.Tech?
  • What was your role in a final year project
  • What did you do for last six months?
  • Why do you wish to join TCS?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

HR round at TCS

HR round is final round at TCS recruitment process. Candidates are asked general questions to check their suitability regarding role, position, location, salary etc. Candidates are expected to be flexible, though you can negotiate in this round.

Example questionsof TCS HR round

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Why do you want to go for an IT job?
  • Why do you want to work in TCS?
  • Are you flexible to relocate to other locations in India?

TCS process for experienced professionals

Experienced professionals can also apply to various positions and roles at TCS. Candidates need to follow below mentioned procedure in TCS experienced candidate process.

Checking vacancies at TCS

Candidates can check various vacancies across departments, location and experience level at official TCS website (TCS career page)

Checking the eligibility criteria of TCS

  1. There is an eligibility criterion for each vacancy at TCS.
  2. Graduates and/or Post Graduates with minimum 9 months of relevant work experience.
  3. Only full-time courses would be considered.
  4. Candidates who have attended the TCS interview in the last 6 months need not apply.
  5. Candidates need to meet the experience level both in industry and years wise in the respective role

Creating profile at TCS

  1. Candidate need to create his/her profile at TCS Careers.
  2. Once the profile is created, log in with the registered email ID and password.
  3. Fill TCS Online Application Form.

Document to be submitted at TCS

  • Photo ID Proof (Passport / Driving License / Aadhar Card / PAN Card)
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Resume
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mark sheets of All semesters:
  • 10th, 12th, Diploma (if any), Graduation, Post-Graduation (if any)
  • Appointment Letter, Relieving Letters and Experience Letters(mentioning Start Date and End Date of your service) of all the organizations you have worked within the past.
  • Current Organization’s Appointment Letter, Latest Compensation Letter and last 3 Month’s Salary Slip

Interview process for experienced candidates for TCS

Once candidates are screened based on their profile, their interview is scheduled. Following round of interviews are there for experienced candidates at TCS.

Technical round at TCS

This round is based on CV (past experience of the candidates, past works) and based on the job requirement. Questions are asked on programming language, logical thinking questions, about the products/software which candidate has worked recently or in past job.

Sample questions in technical round at TCS

  • Fundamental concepts of Java and Object Oriented Programing
  • Multithreading
  • Spring
  • Database
  • Difference between C++ and Java

Managerial/Techno managerial round at TCS

This round is taken by senior person. This round can be completely technical or mix of technical and managerial questions. Questions are asked mostly on profile which you are being interviewed. You are expected to be aware of latest technologies or software required for that profile. You can also be given behavior based questions to check your thinking pattern.

HR round at TCS

This is final round during recruitment process. This is mostly to check your fit with the role. Questions are asked based on your salary and location preference. You are advised to negotiate in this round.


This article explained detailed hiring process for TCS for both fresher and experienced professionals. If you are looking to appear in TCS, you can check our online course for TCS placement. You can also send your details to, and we will mail you required details on email.

46 thoughts on “TCS interview process – For fresher and experienced professionals”

  1. I have 20 months experience but i told to tcs hr i have 2 years now i have cleared technical and manageral is there any future problem they will accept are reject my application

  2. I am three yrs experienced candidate and I gave technical and manegerial round combined on 4th feb 2023 . After that one EP number created automatically but I was not able to upload any documents there, Then hr sent a mail saying create one ep number and upload documents there for hr discussion round on 7th March. I uploaded but till now no response from there . So what will happen next have i cleared the first round or just for registration purpose they sent me ?

  3. I got a call from hr stating that we can scheduled a call tomorrow for interview after that no response…what i need to do on this

  4. Hi guys yesterday i had Technical round and it went pretty well after interview interviewer called HR and he took my picture with adhar card. After that i have mot receive any further reply or mail from them. When will i get mail? Should expect that they will get back or should i jist ignore?

  5. hi,
    This is Puja Kamble,currently working with kota mahindra bank as a branch sales manager. Looking for job in TCS, Kindly revert for the same.

    Thanks and Regards
    Puja Kamble

  6. I have cleared Hr + tr round and they have scheduled a document verification round and all they did just check the document on screen share and didn’t told me to upload it anywhere ( this happened on 12th july ). Any one got any idea what is going to happen next . If yes then plz reply

    1. Hi,
      Is there your EP number crated and how long later EP created, HR called you.
      Also let me know all your documents has been uploaded correctly.

      1. Till now i didn’t got any call letter still waiting for the mail and privious mails they told me ready the document but on call they just check the document and didn’t told me to upload. What happed with you plz reply

      2. I gave technical and manegerial round combined on 4th feb 2023 . After that one EP number created automatically but I was not able to upload any documents there, Then hr sent a mail saying create one ep number and upload documents there for hr discussion round on 7th March. I uploaded but till now no response from there . So what will happen next have i cleared the first round or just for registration purpose they sent me ?

        1. Same , I gave interview on 21th April. On 22nd received mail and call from them to upload documents on the Ibegin portal.
          Status there is showing ‘pending for verification’ , now it’s more than 20 days haven’t received any update from them and status is still same on the Ibegin portal.
          The person who called for documents upload, not picking up call.

        1. How much time it will take to get the reply from attending the interview for next step ?
          What would be the next step ?
          Also whether i will get mail, if i got rejected?

          i just attended the Technical round but did not get any reply after that help me on this.

  7. I had an interview all rounds (TR +MR+HR) in TCS last week on Tuesday 29th June 2021 and at the time of interview HR informed me that result will be announced with in 2-3 working days. Do you have any idea how long should we wait?

    1. I got mine in just few hours like i was interviewed by around 11am and i got my saying you have cleared the round and i have to do document verification

      1. Same happened with me , next day after interview received mail and they asked to upload documents. But since then documents are in status like ‘pending for verification’.
        Now it’s more than 20 days the status of documents is same.
        Any idea what’s next ?

  8. Experienced candidate. Interview happened on 3/24, both technical and managerial. Just before ending of the inteview, Manager told like HR will get back to you.

    Any idea when HR will contact me? How many days generally it takes? And if they dont select will they inform me?

          1. In my case also the same. I have cleared the technical round and they called me to upload the documents to the TCS portal. They reviewed the documents as well. And when I contacted HR to know the status, They told me that the next HR round will be within two weeks.

      1. I am also in same position…interview was on 25th May Panel said by end of the week TCS team will contact you like that…what does it means? did you get any update…

          1. My 2 weeks time period is over after my technical and managerial round. No response received from HR. Still how long should I need to wait?

          2. Usually 2 weeks time is sufficient time to wait for HR response. There may be 2 reasons for no response- Either you are rejected or requirement is deferred. In both of these cases, it is advisable to start looking for more companies.

    1. Sourav – My Interview happened on 6/28. Interviewer told like HR will get back to you before ending of the interview. When can I expect the call from HR?

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