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Report on higher education in India

India with 2nd largest population country has seen the fast-growing and influential economy. Meanwhile, India’s higher education has undergone rapid expansion in the past decades.

on Qs world ranking in top-200 we have few renowned universities like IIT-B, ITT-D, IISC – Bangalore, IIT-M.

Issues with Higher Education system;-

  1. With a population of 1.3 ton, we have only 23 IIT’s and other NIT’s to give technical education.
  2. To import knowledge in Humanity, science, arts, commerce, we have limited colleges such as JNU, DU, theUniversity of Madras with limited seats.
  3. The limited number of family members.
  4. We don’t have Rand D wing in colleges.
  5. The student-teacher ratio is not up to the standard level.
  6. Many colleges still lack laboratories proper infrastructure and world-class facility
  7. Financing and privatization are major issues in higher education.
  8. Political Factor is influencing in the higher education system.

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Issues with higher education

  • New colleges focus on achievement no study.
  • Gross enrollment ratio is less in higher education
  • No project-based learning
  • No common syllabus
  • Focus only on-campus selection
  • No strategy and planning
  • No need to open a new university
  • Lack of vocational skill training

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Solutions to improve Higher education:-

  • Need to bring investment in infrastructure for colleges.
  • College syllabus should focus on creativity, research analysis.
  • Schemes like Shreyas, to be implemented to make the student capable of employment.
  • Need to increase population – college’s ratio in states.
  • Teachers’ recruitment and quality assessment should be done regularly.

Way forward

  • The way student givesthe exam, professors should also have their exam, in an interval of 5 to 7 years, to check assessment.
  • NIRF and IWF is a good step towards making a foundation for higher education.
  • Syllabus and college curriculum should be based on overall development.

There is a need to bring reform in higher education to make our youth more efficient and sustainable in this fast-moving world, there is a need to improve the higher education system.


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