How to Clear RBI Grade B in First Attempt

How to Clear RBI Grade B in First Attempt

Building an effective strategy to clear the RBI grade B examination in itself is a big thing. With good preparation and effective time management, one can definitely try to clear the exam in the very first attempt itself. Stressing on regions that are critical in the examination paper by thoroughly understanding the exam pattern and specific demands from the syllabus will play a key role in cracking the paper in the first attempt. Some of the crucial points to keep in mind are discussed below:

Early preparation with a focus on both the phases of the examination

A good preparation well in advance, right after the exam notification is out will give a good time frame for you to boost up your skills and learning processes. Effectively using your study time and stressing on key points will go a long way in helping you crack the exam in the first run.

  • It is ideal to begin preparation for both the phases together. Both the phases have many things in common.
  • You will realize this if you happen to familiarize yourself well with the exam pattern. Have a good understanding of the exam syllabus too.
  • Keep in mind, the time period between the two phases of examination is not too long, hence begin early by placing your focus on both of them.

Giving weightage to basic concepts

If you do thorough research of the examination papers over the years, you are sure to find that a lot of weightage is given to basic concepts. Commonly asked questions from current trends in economic, banking and the financial sectors are aplenty.

  • Give weight-age to improving your confidence in the core concepts and terminologies related to these areas.
  • Improve your knowledge of current happenings, at least over the last year.
  • If you fail to understand big terminologies or are new to specific topics, video tutorials are available in plenty.
  • They are time-saving as well as easy to understand and follow.
  • Rely on them for your revision sessions as well as for clarifying doubts in case you are relying on self-study for the exam.

Numerical Section

Quantitative aptitude for RBI Grade bQuestions that test your numerical abilities may appear complex in nature. With good practice, they can be cracked in very less time. Try to analyze sections within the quantitative aptitude to find out concepts that you are weak at. Try to practice and work out more problems to develop a good understanding in those areas.

  • Understand the underlying concept on which the question is framed.
  • Make yourself familiar with a lot of numerical concepts.
  • Understand how these concepts are to be applied in solving numerical questions.
  • Questions based on quantitative aptitude come with a three-fold agenda.
  • They aim to test your aptitude on key mathematical concepts, time management and above all, precise problem-solving skills.
  • A lot of practice and following a step-by-step approach that one can aim to clear this section without much worry.

Verbal Ability

RBI Grade B Preparation Strategy

If you are good at speaking English and back on your school and college marks in the subject and decide not to worry too much about it, stop right there! You may need to think a few steps ahead to create a mark here. Writing good essays comes with a lot of practice only.

  • It’s one thing to be able to speak well in the language and totally a different thing to be able to express yourself on paper.
  • For good practice, try writing detailed essays by taking up current topics of interest and detailing them as far as possible.
  • Reading a good newspaper daily will also help in this regard.
  • Improvise on your writing skills by attempting at least one essay per week.
  • Good communication skills in spoken English are also a must to crack the personal interview in the last part of the selection process.

Attempt mock tests

mock test rbi grade b

Attempting at least three to four mock papers per week will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, it will boost your confidence in being able to attempt the paper. It will help you identify what you are able to solve easily and what remains unclear to you. It will further help you to focus more on your weak areas and areas that are unclear to you.

Secondly, they teach you time management skills. Attempting numerical ability questions consume a lot of your time. So you must be on your toes when you solve them. Equally, prioritize every section of the question paper. This can come to you easily when you practice mock papers which leave you with a lot of scope for improvisation in the main examination. Analyze every mock paper that you attempt and improvise based on the feedback you receive.

Revision is a must

revision rbi grade b

Any good preparation is incomplete without a good session of revision. Make good notes of key points and factual information while preparing for the exam. Glance through these points whenever you are able to. These points are also significant during the last minute preparation for your exams.

Highlight key points so that they remain to be important in your mind. Write down areas where you have a doubt and do not forget to clear them later on. Notes that you prepare should be effective to aid you in quick understanding of the critical areas.

If good revision is backed with proper time management skills, it will help you in solving problems effectively. Aim to clear the exam in the first attempt, have a clear understanding of what the exam paper demands. Prepare good notes. Revise from time to time. Craft a good timetable to schedule your learning. Study up according to the timetable. Small steps taken towards the goal will help achieve better clarity and gives you a purpose of focus and relevance. Make realistic goals and strategize effectively to clear the exam in the very first attempt. 

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