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How to improve your English Language skills

English language is the de-facto business language of the world.  Around 1.1 billion people speak English language, with 300 million+ as native speakers. Un-doubtly it serves as a primary transactional language in professional and personal situations. Hence, it is very important to have strong command and fluency in English language to have good academic and as well as professional career. In case you are often finding yourself at a loss of words or tongue-tied in front of English speaker or on special occasions like meetings, interview, school presentation, we can help you in improving your English language skills in a step-by-step manner learning and practice course for English language. In fact, if you struggle in your English language, whether you are in school or in college or working professional, we highly recommend finding a good English language trainer, who can help you cover the every aspect of English language in most efficient and fun way. You need to get immense practice in writing, speaking and reading part of English language, in order to be proficient and then confidently communicate with other people.

Let’s first find out how to improve English at your home yourself.

Practice English by speaking

The easiest part of learning a new language is to start speaking it. It doesn’t matter how broken your language skills are, you need to speak, listen and express yourself in new language. In this process, you will cover the most important aspect of learning languages

  1. Finding new words
  2. Improving your grammar
  3. Conversation also help in identifying mistakes either yourself or by other person
  4. Most importantly, it give you a confidence in learning new language
  5. Practice make a man perfect

How to start this

  1. Find a language buddy whom you can communicate with. This buddy need to have enough patience to listen to your mistake, and should give you good feedback for improvement. In case you are finding difficulty in getting a language buddy, Xamnation can help you provide a trained English language partner, with whom you can learn, speak and practice
  2. You also need to find new learning scenarios. For example, if you are speaking on food today, you can start on sports next day. This helps you in knowing new words, and situation to speak on.
  3. Getting feedback is most important. So, you need to have someone who knows English language well

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Practice English by Reading

If you are learning English language, then it is important that you need to put daily reading practice. The most common thing people read on daily basis are news and current affairs items. So, it is a good time to subscribe to a good English language newspaper, and spend daily 1-2 hours reading about news and current  affairs.

This will help you in many ways

  1. Finding new words will help in your vocabulary building
  2. Reading long sentences will help you make sense of what author is trying to say
  3. You can add on to this reading practice by summarizing what you read, by writing or speaking

Start watching and listening

Movies, TV shows and other such art forms are important part in catching the cultural aspects of new country or language. For example- if you are starting to learning English language, it is important that you listen to watch English sit com or movies. This will help you in learning how native English speaker communicate among them, and finding out most common sentences etc. This is fun way of learning English language for all age group.

Build your vocabulary and learn the pronunciation

While learning new word is important, it is very important to learn how to speak that word. Lot of people spends too much time learning new words, but missing speaking part like its usage in sentence. This is reason why people misspell or use wrong words. If you have a learning partner, you will find it easy to identify your mistakes in spelling or in pronunciation.

End Note

Xamnation tutors are here to help you to be proficient in the English or any new language. We have been training students for English, French, Spanish, German, Marathi, Kannada and other regional languages for school exams, or competitive test preparation or helping learning new language.

If you are looking for English tuition teacher for Class 1-12 or for test prep like IELTS, TOEFL, you can reach out to us. You can send us your query on, or whatsapp us at 9988708161, and our counselor will reach you.

Happy Learning !!

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  1. Great tips for improving English language skills! Consistency and immersion are key, and these practical suggestions are a helpful starting point for anyone looking to enhance their language abilities.

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