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What are the Benefits of One to One Tuition | Online tutoring for all subjects

In last few decades, technology has made great progress, and it has impacted in our day to day life. Along with smartphones and laptops, and faster internet speed, online education has been adopted by millions of learners around the world. What used to be a struggle in learning and understanding for learning new subjects or language or exam preparation earlier, online tuition has been it very easier for learners to connect with best online tutors around the world. In this online one to one tuition is be most popular among learners. In this article, we will see why learners loves one to one tuition for learning new subjects.

What are the Benefits of One to One Tuition?

Individual attention

Schools have typically one teacher against 30 or 40 students. It is almost impossible for a teacher to keep a track of every students in her class. Her attention is limited to few students, and bulk of class are often confused or give up their interested in learning.
One to one tuition, where one teacher take class of only one teacher has been a great benefits for students. Teacher can focus all her energy in teaching to the student, and all the doubts of students are cleared on the spot. Parents also feel this is the best possible way to teach new things to their children

Personalized lesson plan

School curriculum has been designed to teach same things to each and every student, irrespective of IQ or absorbing capacity of child. This will make smart students to feel bored by slow pace and easy curriculum, and weak students to find lesson speed fast, and concepts to be tough, and thus difficult to concentrate in class.
One on one tuition classes help in creating customized lesson plan as per requirement of each child. Online tutoring is adaptable to student. For example- we at Xamnation, first analyze each student IQ and strengths and weaknesses, and then prepare a customize learning plan for individual students.

Individual growth

The best advantage of one to one tutoring is that student get real time feedback, and opportunity to get mentored on the spot for the weaknesses. With personal attention, a special bonding get developed with teacher, and student find learning easy. It also help them, when they need some buddy to practice new language, or mentor to advice them on career path. Students are challenged with face-to-face interactions during online training, enabling them to become better communicators in that particular language. This is difficult to achieve in large group classes in schools.

Better tracking on student learning path

Online tutoring help tutor to make better decision regarding learning path, curriculum design, assessments etc, as teacher get real time tracker of student’ performance. Parents are also in sync with the child learning path, and they are also in updated on child progress. Apart from assessment score, teacher also get cues like body language of student, attention span etc to judge how much child is learning in class. This makes learning more effective, as the tutor is constantly assessing and aware of the student’s development.

End note
Xamnation offer online one to one tuition classes for school subjects as well as language training. We follow the best practices for online learning and getting best result in our classes.
If you are looking for English tutor for grade 7 or math tuition for class 6 or online French tuition classes, Xamnation have best teachers for helping students in all subjects. We also offer all subjects tuition too. Reach out to for more details on Xamnation tuition classes.

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