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English preparation tips for competition exams

English section in competition exams like RBI Grade B, Nabard, CAT or MBA entrance is divided into following sub-sections.

Essay writing

Importance of essay writing: Very strong weight-age in RBI Grade B, Nabard and UPSC.

Topic of the essay is mostly related to current events of national importance. Economics survey and budget will give an indication which government scheme is most important. Try to focus on newly launched one. Secondly, recent big news (such as NPA issues) will also give an idea on which news is highlighted more. The essay is a tool to understand candidate learning about that particular organization.

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For example -Writing on universal basic income, of farm loan waiver. This section needs you to be thorough with the event of national importance. Read the good newspaper (Hindu) , subscribe to good magazines (Frontline, Yojana)

essay topics

One thing is important here. If people are appearing for RBI Grade B, then they should prepare more on economics-related articles. If people are appearing for Nabard Grade A/B, then they should prepare for agriculture and rural related articles.

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Reading comprehension

Importance of Reading comprehension section- RC section is an important part in every competition exams (RBI, Nabard, CAT).

This tests your reading, quick thinking and analysis skills. In a lot of real scenarios during our job, we have to read documents fast and take the decision. For this, the best thing is to read newspaper editorial and try to build speed (Let’s say 1 min per 500 words).

Reading comprehension pattern has been updated in the last 1-2 years. Rather than 1 major passage (of 400-500 words), now you will find 3-4 RC passage (of 100 words each). With this overall weightage of RC section has been increased in all exams, and you will spend more time reading.

English Grammar

Important for every competitive exam.

Grammar is an important part of speech (written as well as oral). A poor grammar article will leave a bad taste to the reader, as much as grammar errors during public speech will make you a laughing stock.

Practice as much as you can. There are good online tools like Grammarly which will help build your grammar and point to whatever mistakes you are making. There are a lot of online resources like youtube videos, online lessons which will help you learn the basics of grammar (noun, verb, tenses etc), and will increase your command in English level.

Note: Almost 40-50% of questions in RBI Grade B English and Nabard Grade A English are from Grammar section

Vocabulary Section (Vocab)

This is not that important now in competition exams , though it has big significance in GMAT, GRE, IELTS kind of exams.

Our suggestions would be to don’t go into this deep if you are appearing for just Nabard and RBI. Highlights new words when you are reading the newspaper or some online article.

You can go through different word list, or books like “Word power made easy” to improve your English vocabulary section.

Note: Vocabulary section is very important in IELTS preparation, GMAT/GRE/CAT/XAT and UGC NET English preparation

With this article, we have tried to cover preparation tips for English in competitive exams like CAT, XAT, RBI Grade B/Assistant, Nabard Grade A/B, UPSC exams, UGC NET English, IELTS and many more. Communications skills are very important in managerial and upper posts in any organization. So this section becomes very important from English written paper as well interviews.

We are open for any query form your side with respecting English preparation for competitive exams.

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