Programming Logic

Data Structure and Algorithms in Tech Companies interviews

In this article, we will see the important of data structure and algorithms in companies’ interview process, and will learn about most important topics of Data Structure, and see their implementation programmatically. Data Structure and Algorithms are commonly asked questions in tech interviews. It has significant weightage in interview of leading tech companies like Google, …

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Sorting algorithms

In data structure, we often need to rearrange elements of our data on basis of increasing/decreasing order to perform our key operation. This process of rearrangement is called sorting. There are multiple ways to make this rearrangement possible, and they are known as sorting algorithms in data structure. Sorting algorithms in Data Structure In this …

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Linked list course


What is a Linked List? A linked list is a linear data structure made of a chain of node objects in which each node object contains a value and a pointer to the next node in the chain. Linear data Structure: All the data is arranged in linear order Example: Single Linked list Types of linked list Single linked …

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