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Armstrong number in Python


In this article, we will see how to check whether a number is armstrong number or not in Python.

What is armstrong number

Armstrong numbers, also called narcissist numbers, are those number whose sum of cube of digit is equal to that number.

How to check whether a number is armstrong

Suppose we are given any number n. (d3d3d1). Here d1 is digit at one’ place, d2 is digit at 10s place and d3 is digit at 100th place.

n = d3^3 + d2^3 + d1^3

Python program to see whether a number is armstrong or not


def checkNarcissist(number):
	total = []
	count = len(str(number))
	power= int(count)
	digits = [int(x) for x in str(number)]
	for i in digits:
		product = i**power
		print(str(number)+ " is a narcissist number")
		print(str(number)+ " is not a narcissist number")


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